L' art interactif, ludique et musical de Jean-Robert Sédano et Solveig de Ory. en Français.

The interactive art, ludic and music of Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.  in English.



The 26-year Chromatic Pavilion

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There are more than a quarter of a century the Chromatic Pavilion realized video analysis in real time. Digital device for interactive
music game bandstand,  Chromatic Pavillon allowed users to create combinatorial music on an optical checkerboard of 16 boxes. The software written in Applesoft Basic and Assembler 6502 on an Apple IIe using a sound card Music System from Mountain Computer of 16 voice polyphony and a video digitizing card Digisector DS-65 from Micro Works in 64 gray levels . Five interactive scores were available on diskette. Video made in 2011 with material from 1985.

Full video (7min) on this link:


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