Interview of Michael Rees at the Chelsea Art Museum

Michael Rees exhibition was presented in the Project Room for New Media at Chelsea Art Museum the 2 story black box where monthly solo exhibitions take place. Presentation of the interactive works from Michael Rees with Don Guarnieri curated by Nina Colosi.

CYNETART Competition 2010 || entry deadline 28.02.2010

Call for entries for the 14th festival of computer-based art CYNETART   ...




January 22nd to April 26th  ...

Designer Moving and Storage

Designer Moving and Storage Park City Utah professional moving , crating, blanket wrap service, designer moving, hanging art, furniture deliveries, transportation, freight, warehouse.

Digitalarti Pearltrees

You can now explore digitalarti's blog on pealtrees. Click on the button below, need registration.   ...


While the first variable of the project U-rss is associated with the utopian construction of a territory (-! visible since Google Earth !-), the second is connected to the forum of on-line conversation Facebook. ...

Alien Sculpture

This is a 3d organic structure realized with Substance 3D software by NeuroSystems. Organic (Evolutionary) Art, which is virtually exclusively generated on computers, exploits the process of evolution to create an artwork which continually changes according to a genetic evolutionary algorithm. The idea is to use genetic algorithms to evolve shapes based on their aesthetics. Basically, the artist is able to control the development of a piece of work through some form of "selection", in a manner analogous to natural selection.

Huge Screen compos video review

Report video des œuvres numériques conçues pour l'écran géant de 3000 M2 lors de MAIN demoparty, Grande Halle, Arles, 3 octobre 2009. ...

Huge screen Arles Demoscene Awars

Prise de vue le 22 octobre 2009, qualitée iPhone, d'une diifusion retrospective des œuvres créées pour l'écran géant d'Arles de 3000 m2 avec 260 000 leds.    ...

MAIN demoparty

Le site de MAIN demoparty

Digitalarti Mag Issue #0

Please find enclosed the free issue number 0 of the magazine. It is bellow as en enclosure in low resolution (for faster download) and high resolution for better image quality.   Enjoy it and let us know your comments, questions, wishes… by commenting this post or by email at: info at ...

Fablab the new individual factory

At the Arts Electronica center, the Fablab explores design with the new generation of 3Dprinters. The printer:           The material used by this printer: plastic wires of various colors. ...
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