Finding Good au-pair

Sometimes any family may find some difficulties to get agood au-pair but him or her in crying need for her. Suppose their family have a new born child who is in need for extra care. So we can understand what difficulties come up without a good au-pair. ...

3lectromode Blog Feed

On smart textiles, wearable technologies and performativity

labtolab, a network initiative


Insert digital art informations on your Web pages

You can insert Festival news on your own Web pages. You can include a Festival widget, ie a an automaticaly updated windows of Festival news like the one bellow. To do that, click on the "get widget" button and copy the code to paste it in one of your web pages. You will have the following result. We will also shortly provide additional presentations options...     ...

Can the Objects in Your Collection Survive Their Environment?

Stored Alive! is an interactive tutorial program that lets you explore the ways in which temperature and relative humidity affect the objects in your collection. It's based on environmental analysis done with IPI's Climate Notebook software, which, in turn, is built upon data from IPI's extensive research into the relationship between storage conditions and the decay ...

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Can computers be creative?


Undervine, data visualization + Pure Data sonification at SFMOMA, San Francisco

Hans Christoph Steiner just posted his latest collaborative project Undervine to the Pd-announce mailing list. Data sonification made in Pure Data. Here it goes… Under Vine from Stewdio on Vimeo. Below the original message by Hans. Working again with Bobby Pietrusko and Stewart Smith, I created sonification for visualization of data about the global wine industry.  It opened [...]

Patinás Lámpa Kft

Az otthon ékszere a lámpa - Több mint 1000 lámpa, klasszikus és modern lámpacsaládok. Lámpaszalonunkban közel 600 termék megtekinthető, melyek saját tervezésű minőségi lámpatestek.

Patinas Lighting Ltd

We produce more than 1000 lamps with an endless variation of possibilities made in baroque, art deco, French art deco, art nouveau and classical style.

Patinas Lighting Ltd

We produce more than 1000 lamps with an endless variation of possibilities made in baroque, art deco, French art deco, art nouveau and classical style.

Patinas Lighting Ltd

The majority of the lights intorduced on our website can be seen in our showroom (almost 600 products). The lamps are made in our European centre, in a Hungarian manufactory. ...

Template Lives

Template lives Everybody knows and can see the templates we use in our everyday life. It’s extremely hard to find something unique, original and creative around. Even pro-web designers use sometimes free templates. They’re now in the network space everywhere. These acceptable patterns of behavior in the social reality are moving of course in the social networks. We have centuries of history developing human templates-patterns of behavior protecting us from our natural need of freedom questioning ...

MEDIARS new website

the new MEDIARS web site is online! we designed a completely new interface, in Italian and English. We also embedded slideshows with a lot of photos about our activities, artworks and the international workshops! ...

Futuristic piano

Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano Could Probably Travel Through Time and Space ...

One Love. Two Cities. Love is in the Air.

Be part of an iPhone-based sound immersive journey and love trail which will transport you from Singapore’s Orchard Road to the streets of Paris. Follow the path, find clues, and be immersed in this fictional love story as you are guided along by sounds and images of the two cities. Register now and download your free “Love is in the Air” app: ...
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