Still Moving 1994

  Still from my first video artwork "Rif".

Kissing myself

Kissing My self is an art project that uses isight web cam of Apple, and its mirror effect. It aims to create a series of digital photos self portraits. These photos are a representation of me trying to kiss myself to express loneliness and woman suffering of societies restriction of freedom all over the world.

2 musiques concrètes

Before digital aera, my first musique concrète / Avant l'époque numérique, ma première pièce de musique concrète : XBSex35 - 8 mn - musique concrète by/de Bruno de Chénerilles - 1982

Art-Bot by Morgan Rauscher

With Art-Bot, his new sculptural application for haptic feedback robotics, young Canadian artist Morgan Rauscher induces a weird collaborative material performance between artist and artifact. ...

Ominous: Visceral circuitry emergent body

An incarnated sound sculpture ...

[Video] Bill Vorn's crazy machines

Enghien-les-Bains' Arts Center (near Paris, France) welcomes Bill Vorn's robots for a dark exhibition (till March 23rd) and on this occasion, releases a bilingual publication about his whole work. ...

[News from NYC] Mathematical poetry animates storefront window

You would be forgiven for simply walking right by An Aquarium of Equations, rushing past this discreet installation in a narrow storefront space at 266 West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan, as you struggle to find your footing through the slush and proceed toward shelter from the falling snow. And yet, every once in a while, some random passer-by actually slows down and stops to peer inside. ...

Ten years of facebook and how artists took over it

Facebook is (already) 10 years old. This online community gathering more than 1 billion monthly-active users has changed the relationships many people have with their relatives, their friends, remote people, strangers, and, in a way, the whole world. ...

Surface de Steiner

Une pure réalisation mathématique. La surface de steiner mise en image. L'équation de la forme est x2 y2 + x2 z2 + z2 y2 + xyz = 0. Proche de la sculpture virtuelle.

Fruits fractales

Une grappe de fruit fractale, profondeur des couleurs.

màj update

Bonjour, je viens de terminer la refonte de mon site questiongraphique et aussi celle de mon site musika, venez y découvrir mes nouveaux travaux bon surf !   Hello i just make some changes on my webpages so take a look to my new galeries. questiongraphique musika...

Best articles of 2013

Here's a selection of some of the best articles we published during 2013. Good reading!   ...

Recyclism plays with autocomplete function

I tried Autocomplete, Benjamin Gaulon's latest artwork. When I ran this application on my computer, it started renaming my hard drive and I felt a little frightened. But Benjamin is not a terrorist and I decide to trust him and to let the process going on. Then Autocomplete runs Safari, opens and writes search queries randomly from a database which are then autocompleted by the Google Autocomplete function. ...
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