5 Things To Keep In Mind While Picking EDI Services And Software

Electronic Data Interchange, commonly abbreviated as EDI, is the leading solution in the world for automating business to business data exchange. It is incredibly useful when it comes to retail and business partners. Owing to its incredible utilities, more systems are increasingly moving toward digital automation. In fact, EDI has now become a requirement for any supplier who wishes to do business with a large number of retailers. It has become an essential criterion because it allows a company to fully integrate all the complex business processes, while accelerating speed-to-market....

Fly Tornado Slim: overview

  Fashion for slim phones appeared in China a few years ago but the industry went forward at a steady gait only in 2014, when a confidential competition has involved a few participants. Technologies already allow creating very thin smart phones, but they have to sacrifice battery capacity, but everything is relative, as 2000+ mAh battery can be hardly called small.  ...

Virtual Data Rooms – A Safer Way To Exchange Documents

Companies are able to share confidential information with authorized persons with the help of Virtual Data Rooms. The real definition for virtual data rooms would be the place where document exchange could be carried out securely. This actually saves resources, time, and also ensures that the files are available at a crucial time....

InShadow 2015 | Open Call | Extended Deadline June 15th

We are glad to announce that the submission deadline for the 7th edition of InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies will be extended until Monday, June 15th. Take the chance and submit your video dance, documentary, animation, installation or performance and get awarded with one of the InShadow Prizes. We are waiting for your submissions! Regulations and submissions here. ...

InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies

InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies is an initiative of Vo'Arte, in co-production with São Luiz Teatro Municipal, which has already established itself as a reference in contemporary artistic creation and programming, with emphasis on the convergence of language between body and image, based on technology.

InShadow explores interdisciplinary atmospheres through aesthetic solutions and technical representation of body on screen, on stage and in other platforms. Genres and language intersect in video, performance, installations and exhibitions that present the vitality of a dialogue between established artists and emerging creators.

The program includes an international competition of videodance and documentaries, performances, a section aimed at children and youth, workshops and masterclasses, as well as exhibitions and installations, that expand the Festival by the city.

InShadow, body imagined within the shadow.

Diaa Ahmedien, Art, Sciences, Technology

Born 1986, is an Assistant lecturer and specialist of laser art and engineering of micro physical processes in visual arts, Drawing and painting Dept., new media branch., Faculty of art education, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt and PhD researcher in sciences of Visual Arts at University of Bern and University of applied sciences, Bern, Switzerland. He conducts a lot of researches at national institute of laser enhanced sciences, Cairo University, and member in journal of visual language and computing (science direct)....



Computer Drawings of Peter Beyls

In a time where computing technology rises often from a field of complex network systems, the computing art that Belgian artist Peter Beyls has been developing for 40 years unfolds a rather comfortable simplicity of access even if processes hidden behind are somehow intriguing as well. ...

[Festival] KIKK 2013, creativity in digital cultures

The third edition of KIKK, international festival of creativity in digital cultures, takes place in Namur (Belgium) from November 7 to 9, 2013. It's a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition with digital art & prototypes, a creative contest and a party with live performances.   ...

Sharing A.N.D. Social Practice with a great audience and in a great space

By: Cecilia Galiena First of all, I am really falling in love with the ZERO1 Garage and the ZERO1 Fellowship program. I love the space; I love what it is used for and what it brings to the people who visit it, including myself....

The Bay Lights: a mingling of low/high culture

Beginnings of a conversation between Joel Slayton and Jaime Austin By: Jaime Austin ...


Over 80 artists, groups and scholars represent more than 20 countries in Russia’s largest annual New Media Festival, “CYBERFEST”…...


 International invitation of which objective is to strengthen creation involving technology and to favor communication between technology developers and audiovisual creators. Similarly, it promotes production and exhibition of telematics collaborative development among designers, artists, engineers, communicators and interdisciplinary collectives, through works made on videographic, electronic or digital basis. ...


  Main event of the International Image Festival which shows diverse perspectives embracing design, art, science and technology that can be found on the work of theoreticians, researchers, makers and academics who are invited to share their productions and experiences.   Previously invitated conferencists: Daniel Belton, Andrea Polli, Ricardo dal Farra, Nina Czegledy, Ursula Damm, Cristian Jofre. &...

Festival Internacional de la Imagen

The International Image Festival is a meeting and debate space on issues related to electronic arts, digital audiovisual creation, digital and electro-acoustic sound, and rising relationships among art, design, science and technology.

The International Image Festival, held since 1997, is considered an event of international importance, due to the fact that it is the only one in Latin America that encourages the construction of debate environments in the areas of digital creation by integrating art, design, science and technology through personal encounters, scientific and specialized seminars, national and international invitations, discussion forums, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and webcasts, among other activities.



Director: Quiet ensemble.

 The research of  Quiet ensemble goes through the observation of the ballance between chaos and control, nature and technology, creating subjects that perfectly merges the those elements, elements that take form from the relation of organic and artificial subjects, moving the attention to insignificant and wonderful elements, 

like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees.

The interest is connected to those technologies that explores the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities deriving from interactivity techniques, aproaching the newest technological discoveries

as if they would be the tools for creation, like the brush for the painter.

Working on the relation between time and space, sound and image the work of Quiet ensemble changes and develops in time, relating to the space, changing it. 

Emphasizing the unespected events, refuting the apparent immobility of shapes and melting the appearing opposition of forces in nature. 

Quiet ensemble is born in 2009 from the meeting between Fabio Di Salvo | Bernardo Vercelli.

The 2012 ZERO1 biennial : Seeking Silicon Valley

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial takes place in Silicon valley from September 12 to December 8, 2012. ...

Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana. Obsolete Technologies of the Future

Ljudmila, Digital Medialab of Ljubjliana, in collaboration with SGMK of Zurich and Medialab-Prado are seeking for proposals for an upcoming workshops in collaborative prototyping which will be hold in Ljubljana (September 5 - 15, 2012) with the participation of advisors, technical assistants. Extended deadline: June 20, 2012 ...

Call for the Somatics and Technology Conference 2012

Arts Research and the Dance Department of the University of Chichester organize the Somatics and Technology Conference 2012, to be held on Saturday 23rd June. ...
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