"It's You" the experience of an interactive group, by Karolina Sobecka

Not another Kinect project. This is an interesting artistic project involving interaction, trying new ways of making the artwork evolve thanks to the public. It does not work as a toy, or as a installation that mainly proves you that you did move your arm (just in case you did not notice your moves). ...

[Festival] KIKK 2013, creativity in digital cultures

The third edition of KIKK, international festival of creativity in digital cultures, takes place in Namur (Belgium) from November 7 to 9, 2013. It's a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition with digital art & prototypes, a creative contest and a party with live performances.   ...

D-light exhibition, 3rd edition of Digital Immersions, Accenture's Happen Space (Paris)

"Amibe à Miroir" by Vincent Leroy in front of "Pêle-même #1" by Olivier Ratsi D-light exhibiiton Happen Space Accenture, Paris, June 2013. ...

Ars Electronica Price 2013 : and the winners are...

One of the most reknown digital art price has annouced its results this morning. The seven winners of the Ars Electronica Price 2013, selected out of more than 4,000 submissions, have been awarded. Here are the artworks which make them bring back home their awards. ...

[WASTE OF LOVE AND OF THE HUMAN SPECIES] is an interactive installation of exhibition entitled [Neurological Landscapes]

  [WASTE OF LOVE AND OF THE HUMAN SPECIES] is an interactive installation of exhibition entitled [Neurological Landscapes] consisting of the capture (real time) of images of a fish called The Performer, which lives in a small urban aquarium....

Guide to Digital and Multimedia Art Resources and Places in France

This practical guide gives a panorama of art spaces offering residencies, the production and distribution of digital and multimedia art in France. It highlights a dense and diverse network of organizations that merge new media with contemporary art in the fields of music and sound art, performance and visual arts, installations…...

SonicArtifact.net Art News http://feeds.feedburner.com/SonicartifactnetNews

SonicArtifact.net Art News provides information on contemporary art: art news, exhibitions and events, artists, galleries, museums, editions, books, mapping the art world. Contemporary art for sale, fine art, modern art, buy art and sell art,... Showcasing contemporary art news for artists, galleries, collectors and or research contemporary and fine art,... #SonicArtifact #Art #News http://feeds.feedburner.com/SonicartifactnetNews...

Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France


Dimanche Rouge is currently considering experimental performance proposals for its tri-national festival to be held in Estonia, Finland and France from October 17th till the 20th, 2013.

The festival will present a curated program featuring the latest work by artists from all continents.  This will be an excellent opportunity for artists to show their work to an international audience and interact with colleagues from a variety of origins.

Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France will be hosted at several venues including national art museums and art centers such as EMMA, the largest museum in Finland, and Kultuurikatel, a unique cultural center and former power plant where Tarkovsky filmed Stalker.  A selection of performances will also be presented in France at Le Generateur during the performance art festival Frasq.

The programs will be cross-live-streamed and publicly screened at several venues worldwide to further promote the artists’ work internationally.

The festival will also offer roundtable discussions, workshops and talks for the artists and general public.

About Dimanche Rouge

A Paris-based project that has rapidly grown into one of the largest monthly experimental performance festivals in Europe, presenting the work of over 600 artists from 62 countries in Paris and abroad in less than two years.  

Submission Guidelines

Performances proposed must be experimental and contain a live element.  

Work we program,

- multimedia, dance, performance art, video, sound, interventions, street art, and spoken word

- performances from other disciplines usually not included in art festivals such as hairstyle, cuisine, tattoo, massage, sports, the sciences and any other performative acts done in an experimental way

- installations

- artwork without a live component provided that the artist produces a piece live.  For instance, painters could show their work if they produce a painting during the festival.

Work we DO NOT program

- video screenings and other artwork that does not have a live component.  If you wish to submit a video of your work to be screened, please apply for our weekly cable television program on Souvenirs From Earth www.dimancherouge.org/tv

Dimanche Rouge will provide free accommodation for foreign artists for two nights--a maximum of two artists per performance.  Dimanche Rouge will be unable to assist with travel funds and artists fees/costs, but can issue an official letter of invitation.

Please apply by clicking on the following link www.dimancherouge.org/dimanche-rouge-estonia

Deadline: May 1st 2013

The Bay Lights: a mingling of low/high culture

Beginnings of a conversation between Joel Slayton and Jaime Austin By: Jaime Austin ...

MCD#70 - ECHO / SYSTEM - "Music and sound art"

TEN YEARS, a strange loop…...

The 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition Awards

Hello,   I am pleased to inform you that my interactive sound installation, "Cymatics" has been selected as the 2nd prize in the 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Kinetic Artists and Participants, The 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition 8 min. Awards video,...

Digitalarti Mag #12


About us


Interview: CHRISTINE SCHOPF co-artistic director of the Ars Electronica festival

© Rubra You were one of the co-founders of Ars Electronica in 1979. What were your thoughts as you were conceiving this first festival dedicated to electronic arts?...

MCD#69 | NET ART – WJ-SPOTS #2: Artists take over the network

Available on newsstands and on MCD's website December 13th. bilingual French / English 132 pages, 9 euros  ...
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