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The Artlab is a center for research, development and prototyping, dedicated to digital arts. It aims at gathering artists and technicians in a creative and collaborative way. Since 2011, Digitalarti's Artlab has been a place with a multidisciplinary activity, where technology meets artistic creation. ...


DIMANCHE ROUGE presents its tri-national festival to be held in Estonia, Finland and France from October 17th till the 20th, 2013.

Organized by Dimanche Rouge in partnership with associations Ptarmigan ry, Art Container/Culture Factory Polymer and Le Generateur/Frasq, the program will feature experimental performances in disciplines including performance art, audiovisual, multimedia, dance and sound art.

The festival will bring together over 100 established and emerging artists from 26 countries to propose an in-depth look into contemporary performance. The event will open in Tallinn, Estonia, continue on in Finland for the remaining of the program, and end with a dual event in Helsinki and Paris.

In addition to the performances, participating artists will hold roundtable discussions and talks throughout the festival.

The festival will be held at a range of venues including national museums, artist-run spaces and various site-specific locations.

Dimanche Rouge is a Paris-based, non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of experimental and live art.

D-light exhibition, 3rd edition of Digital Immersions, Accenture's Happen Space (Paris)

"Amibe à Miroir" by Vincent Leroy in front of "Pêle-même #1" by Olivier Ratsi D-light exhibiiton Happen Space Accenture, Paris, June 2013. ...


« Le Fantôme de l’Opéra est avant tout une sorte de ballet de voix. Une chorégraphie, valse ou sabbat, dans laquelle on ne saurait distinguer entre le singulier et le pluriel. Les voix invisibles du fantôme sont partout, leurs voies semblent impénétrables » Peter Szendy, Ecoute, esthétique de l’Espionnage, Edition de Minuit, Paris, 2007.

Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France


Dimanche Rouge is currently considering experimental performance proposals for its tri-national festival to be held in Estonia, Finland and France from October 17th till the 20th, 2013.

The festival will present a curated program featuring the latest work by artists from all continents.  This will be an excellent opportunity for artists to show their work to an international audience and interact with colleagues from a variety of origins.

Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France will be hosted at several venues including national art museums and art centers such as EMMA, the largest museum in Finland, and Kultuurikatel, a unique cultural center and former power plant where Tarkovsky filmed Stalker.  A selection of performances will also be presented in France at Le Generateur during the performance art festival Frasq.

The programs will be cross-live-streamed and publicly screened at several venues worldwide to further promote the artists’ work internationally.

The festival will also offer roundtable discussions, workshops and talks for the artists and general public.

About Dimanche Rouge

A Paris-based project that has rapidly grown into one of the largest monthly experimental performance festivals in Europe, presenting the work of over 600 artists from 62 countries in Paris and abroad in less than two years.  

Submission Guidelines

Performances proposed must be experimental and contain a live element.  

Work we program,

- multimedia, dance, performance art, video, sound, interventions, street art, and spoken word

- performances from other disciplines usually not included in art festivals such as hairstyle, cuisine, tattoo, massage, sports, the sciences and any other performative acts done in an experimental way

- installations

- artwork without a live component provided that the artist produces a piece live.  For instance, painters could show their work if they produce a painting during the festival.

Work we DO NOT program

- video screenings and other artwork that does not have a live component.  If you wish to submit a video of your work to be screened, please apply for our weekly cable television program on Souvenirs From Earth

Dimanche Rouge will provide free accommodation for foreign artists for two nights--a maximum of two artists per performance.  Dimanche Rouge will be unable to assist with travel funds and artists fees/costs, but can issue an official letter of invitation.

Please apply by clicking on the following link

Deadline: May 1st 2013

Rendez-vous du Futur - François Taddei / 28 février 13 / 19h30

Lancés en mai 2010 par Le Cube et Triple C, Les Rendez-vous du Futur est une émission de télévision interactive présentée par Éloi Choplin filmée en public et diffusée en live sur Internet. Elle invite des personnalités reconnues dans leur domaine (art, science, économie, sociologie...) à venir échanger sur leur vision prospective du monde.

Audivisual and cinema show KADAMBINI @ GAITE LYRIQUE, PARIS / Sun 24 FEB. 2013

Audivisual and cinema show KADAMBINI @ GAITE LYRIQUE, PARIS, Sun 24 Feb 2013, 3:00 PM Info / Pre-sale: 8 € on website Gaité Lyrique...

Mathématiques sensibles / Jeudi 21 février / 14h30 - 22h / Entrée libre

Dans le cadre de «La science se livre», Le Cube propose un programme concocté par le mathématicien Emmanuel Ferrand (UPMC, Paris). PROGRAMME 14h30 - 18h : table ronde / débat Comment mettre en résonance des questions de mathématiques fondamentales avec des réflexions formelles touchant aux domaines artistiques et aux outils numériques.

Call for Entries : 3x3 SMIL / Stereoscopy Mapping In Live / Paris First Edition /

3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live ​ International Festival October 11 / 12 /13 Paris First Edition ​...

3x3 SMIL / Stereoscopy Mapping In Live / International Festival / ParisFirst Edition / October 11 / 12 /13 / Open Call

3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live ​ ​Is a natural continuation of festivals held in Argentina between 2000 and 2007: especially, the events of  Festival Internacional de Arte Digital which aimed to create an interaction space between novices, artists and professionals of digital art, design, video, photography, music....

3x3 SMIL / Stereoscopy Mapping In Live / International Festival / ParisFirst Edition / October 11 / 12 /13

Association Concept Artgentin

3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live

International Festival

October 11 / 12 /13 Paris First Edition

3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live

Is a natural continuation of festivals held in Argentina between 2000 and 2007: especially, the events of  Festival Internacional de Arte Digital which aimed to create an interaction space between novices, artists and professionals of digital art, design, video, photography, music. And also any other event oriented toward experimental practice (performances, installations, etc.) having a link with the audiovisual, such as multimedia production, Vj, Dj, or audiovisual creation of any kind. Each artist, involved, was seeking new forms of expression. The Festival Internacional de Arte Digital was the first festival of this kind in Argentina, and the first real space distribution of independent Argentinean artists’ works working with digitization of sound and image through various media.

In accordance with the ethics and aesthetics of digital festivals ​​in Argentina for ten years, this 1rst edition of 3x3 SMIL, Stereoscopy Mapping In Live in Paris, will have water as its emblem.

Loyal to figure 3, we will highlight three of four natural elements: water, earth and air.

These elements, magical screens of man before the history and his evolution, are his memory. However, despite its wealth, he strives to destroy his most precious natural resources.

In this period where the planet is the largest ocean contamination, particularly following the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear plant, in Japan, it seems fundamental that artistic expression can address this ecological disaster.

For this reason, the organizers of 3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live, invite participants to reflect on the theme of water: an reckless behavioural observation of the man with his habitat. This discussion could be extended to other problems such as the disadvantages of certain populations to have access to drinking water, the links between water and energy, the multiple uses of water in the world, water and health, and, for example, with other contaminants of the oceans.

Metaphorical or allegorical presence of liquid will be required as part of the works participating in the festival.


Why 3 x 3 ?

« 3x3 » :  3 indicates the duration of videos that will participate in the festival, between 3 seconds and 3 minutes, and the format in three dimensions.

« Stereoscopy »: « stéréo » comes from Greek « relating to space ». Today when we speak about stereo, reference is made to the stereophonic sound, but originally, the term was associated with stereoscopic, drawn or photographed images. The term 3D is now referring to 3D images and specifically 3D movies which include three dimensions.

« Mapping » or « Video-mapping » : adaptation of video content on a 2D surface or 3D, an object, a facade, a human body


 Repercussion and targets


The originality of 3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live, lies not only in the fact that this is the first event dedicated to stereoscopy, but also in its mutant character with a concept which evolves progressively from its editions. It will listen to the various speakers, artistic proposals, new technological discoveries. 3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live will be launched in France in 2013 (Cayeux Sur Mer, Deauville, Cannes, Lyon ...), followed by Europe (Berlin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Milan, London, Brussels,...).
The 3x3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live is open to the public, ranging from simple novice, through the passionate artists of the image, to photography and 3D video specialists. It is focused on 3D, but it is open to any artistic manifestation that could make its own media experience.
Its purpose is to promote the art, aspiring artists, while inviting the public to a healthy and objective reflection on man and his environment.

To confirm your inscription please send the following registration form duly completed:


1- Artist’s name   ___________  Surname  ___________

2- Address  ___________ Town  ___________  Zip code ___________

3- Country ___________

​4-Telephone ___________

​5- E-mail ___________

 6- Artist web site ___________

7- Works’ title works’ __________

​8- Work web site ___________

​9- Category 1 ___ 2___ 3___ 4 ___ 5 ___

​10- Hardware ___________

​11- Software ___________

12- Year of the work ___________

​13- Script (3 lines maxi) ___________

14- Artists’ bio (10 lines maxi) ___________

​15- Artists’ nationality  ___________

16- Important : Online registration to 3x3 SMIL, 1st edition, Paris 2013, will be validated upon receipt of paper form (duly completed and signed in accordance with the formula "I have read and accept the basis of the call for proposals").
to confirm your inscription please mail to : &


Basis of the call for proposals 

1 – Participants:  artists around the world without age limit.
2 - Registration is free.
3 - The works will be individual or collective, but the registration form will select a representative. The artist may only submit one original work by category.
4 - The video length is set between 3 seconds and 3 minutes maximum.
5 - Will not be accepted works which are not original or have already been published. The works will be recent and not prior to 01-01-2011.
6 - Will not be accepted works that do not strictly comply with regulations specified for each category.
7 - Participation in this event implies the permission Concept Artgentin to present work in the context of the 3x3 SMIL, 1st edition, Paris 2013. All rights of the work  are, of course, property of  the author . Any other use will be subject to a prior request from the author.
8 - The authors, producers and distributors give the right to free use of the work for non profit diffusion in festival 3x3 SMIL, 1st edition, Paris, 2013, or any other diffusion (communication, advertising, promotion, whether via Internet, TV or other media), always citing the authors of the work.
9 - The works selected by the jury will not be returned and will be part of the archives for Concept Artgentin. The jury's decisions are final.
10 - The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any theft or accidental events that could damage the works. The 3x3 SMIL festival also waive any additional costs to customs or any other expenses caused by sending the material. Authors, producers and distributors waive all claims against the organizers, including claims and losses that may arise during the duration of the festival. However, every precaution will be taken for the backup and the storage of the material in the best conditions.
11 - Online registration to 3x3 SMIL, 1st edition, Paris 2013, will be validated upon receipt of paper form (duly completed and signed in accordance with the formula "I have read and accept the basis of the call for proposals ").




​ONLINE registration : From December 11,  2012 to May 25, 2013. ONLINE Registration, using the registration form is required to participate in the Festival. The participant must fully complete the registration form and return as indicated on the festival site before the deadline of 25 May 2013 (official closing of registration, postmarked by the deadline date.). A photo of the work is required and mandatory (available on the website in format jpeg. 300dpi).

Sending works, format and appropriate support need to be carefully considered later. The form and the work must be received before May 25, 2013. Receipt of these two elements will be confirmed by e-mail to the email address provided by the participant.

The registration form duly completed and signed, will also accompany the mailing equipment. The material should be sent in a sealed labeled envelope ( indicating the category to which the candidate wishes to participate). The form may be downloaded from the site.




 Postmarked by the deadline date, the date of shipment shall in no case be later than 25 May 2013. Works received after deadline will not be returned to the sender. For international shipments, the following formula must appear clearly on the outside of the envelope in French: " MATERIEL A USAGE CULTUREL SANS VALEUR COMMERCIALE ".




​1) 3D digital video (3 seconds mini / 3 minutes maxi) to be seen by 3D active glasses. HD Quality

2) 3D digital photo - Resolution: 1920* 1080 (jpg + MPO)

3) Video Mapping*

4) Experimental music, Installation, Performance, Fashion Show of Video Mapping Clothes,

5) DJ set + VJ set or Dj set or VJ set (45 minutes)


[* Pre-selection works. Send project synopsis, photos, scale models, videos, measurements, and any other information needed]

Association Concept Artgentin


​In 2000, creator of the structure Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente, Gabriel Otero, director in audiovisual and multimedia techniques, designer for multimedia installations, he lauches in  Rosario en Argentine, the first editions of  « Festival Internacional de Arte Digital ».

This event, the most important for the diffusion of digital art, was declared to be municipal interest by the Honourable Concejo Deliberante and provincial interest.

Concept Artgentin is a product of Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente. This structure develops concepts of cultural and artistic events,  regularly based on the use of digital arts and multimedia technologies.

In this new adventure, Gabriel works with his sister, Leticia Otero, living in Paris for twenty years. Professor of French and comparative literature, this Franco-Argentinian, passionate about art and culture, worked several years in a library and an art gallery in Paris. So, she followed closely the contemporary artistic mouvements. She organized the Cafés Littéraires Borges, in the mythical « L’Hôtel »,  rue des beaux-arts in  Paris (frequented by Oscar Wilde and Jorge Luis Borges), with María Kodama Borges, president of Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges à Buenos Aires.



Association Concept Artgentin/

61 rue des morillons/

Leticia Otero

75015 Paris

06 61 64 54 21

Digital art resources (french publications)

Annuaire du spectacle vivant 2013 Paris, CNT, 2012 (48€). Infos: Art contemporain nouveaux médias, par Dominique Moulon Nouvelles éditions Scala (2011). infos:  Art et Culture(s) Numérique(s), panorama international...

Sur-natures by Miguel Chevalier at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

 Sur-natures by Miguel Chevalier at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Digitalarti Mag #10


Architectural Video Mapping, call for proposals by CDA Enghien les Bains (Christmas 2012, close to Paris)

The Centre des Arts of Enghien-les-Bains (close to Paris and famous for having organised this summer the 7th Bains Numériques festival) is looking for video-mapping artists for a performance around Christmas. ...

new incite/ live video @ Elektra

 new incite/ live video up on vimeo: ...

1024 ARCHITECTURE, "Mad Mappers" of space

  When the architecture world was still using 2D and 3D animation techniquesto represent their projects, Pierre Schneider and François Wunschel were busy reappropriating them for design and analysis, until the moving image itself became their sculptable raw material. ...
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