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Appel à projets : Résidence Hiver 2017

Le Lab d’Eastern Bloc est un lieu pour expérimenter, apprendre, théoriser et créer ; un espace pour faire avancer les pratiques hybrides, génératives, mises en réseau et systémiques, le tout guidé par le discours de l'artiste.  Le Lab est un site de convergence pour les artistes (établis et émergents), les professionnels, les étudiants, les techniciens, les théoriciens et les commissaires, ainsi que tous ceux qui, en travaillant côte à côte, se soutiennent conce...


  Unlike is an exhibition designed by Thomas Cheneseau, which presents the question of the social networks and the digital identity under the angle of the artistic diversion....

Aram Bartholl : A new way of curating digital art

Berlin-based conceptual artist Aram Bartholl is well known for his work around digital and physical world relationships. He is also the inventor of a unique and playful way to display digital art : the Speed ​​Show. Introducing what could be called " the new wave of digital curating ". ...


Born in 1971 and with a strong theoretical background—philosophy, esthetics and visual arts at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne followed by Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)—Gregory Chatonsky belongs to the generation that began to explore the creative possibilities of computers and the Internet in the early 1990s. ...

[NYC] Eva & Franco Mattes: From Internet Ennui to the Dark Web

Remember the good old days, when the Web was gray, text was black Times New Roman, links were blue and you went to check your e-mail in a cybercafe? Then came color, blinking caps, animated .gif, .jpg, .mpg and .wav, not to mention fumbling, prepubescent javascript. Soon we spoke of Net Art, pioneered by mysterious artistic duos who hijacked HTML, subverted our expectations and operated under URLs such as and ...

WJ-SPOTS <77> Régine Debatty

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Régine Debatty (BE)  journalist & critic  

Recyclism plays with autocomplete function

I tried Autocomplete, Benjamin Gaulon's latest artwork. When I ran this application on my computer, it started renaming my hard drive and I felt a little frightened. But Benjamin is not a terrorist and I decide to trust him and to let the process going on. Then Autocomplete runs Safari, opens and writes search queries randomly from a database which are then autocompleted by the Google Autocomplete function. ...

Banksy adds digital artworks to his NYC residency

Everyone knows Banksy, the famous (but anonymous) street artist. For October, he decided to stay in New York City and use the whole town for a personal outdoor exhibition 'Better Out Than In".  ...

WJ-SPOTS <74> Paolo Cirio Part 2

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WJ-SPOTS <79> Jodi

LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Jodi  (BE/NL) artists WJ-SPOTS   Conférences sur l'histoire et le futur de la création artistique sur Internet.

WJ-SPOTS <73> Olia Lialina

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Olia Lialina (RU/DE) artist  

WJ-SPOTS <63> Alessandro Ludovico

      LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Alessandro Ludovico (IT) journalist & critic  

WJ-SPOTS <78> Miltos Manetas

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Miltos Manetas (GR) artist

WJ-SPOTS <75> Raphael Bastide & Yannick Antoine

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine (FR/BE) artists  

WJ-SPOTS <64> Constant Dullaart

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Constant Dullaart (NL) artist  

WJ-SPOTS <74> Paolo Cirio Part 1

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS                                                                 & ...

WJ-SPOTS <71> Michael Bauwens

  LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   Michael Bauwens (BE) theorist
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