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Phygitalide - Restitution

Video of the premiere of "Phygitalide" (or in plain english Phygitalide), created during a residency at the Laboratory in Spokane (USA). The public restitution of "Phygitalis" took place the 17 th august 2017, at the Saranac Art Project of Spokane.   Phygitalis is a Chrysalis where the Physical and the Digital realms merge. This stage space tracks the movements of its performers and generate visuals from them....

Appel à projets : Résidence Hiver 2017

Le Lab d’Eastern Bloc est un lieu pour expérimenter, apprendre, théoriser et créer ; un espace pour faire avancer les pratiques hybrides, génératives, mises en réseau et systémiques, le tout guidé par le discours de l'artiste.  Le Lab est un site de convergence pour les artistes (établis et émergents), les professionnels, les étudiants, les techniciens, les théoriciens et les commissaires, ainsi que tous ceux qui, en travaillant côte à côte, se soutiennent conce...

Tangible Orchestra, light and sound playground

Tangible Orchestra is a light and sound interactive installation. Cylinders are arranged in the public place. Every time a person approaches it, sensors activate a different sound by cylinder, and its intensity is translated into light by LEDs. When several people go through the space, sounds fit together to create a music that composes the soundtrack of the moment. ...
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