Through workshops, skill sharing workshops, seminars, interventions in public spaces, creations, international meetings, online projects, publications etc. APO33 questions the current transformations of artistic and cultural practices that are the result of appropriations and uses of information technology and communication. This questioning has lead APO33 to work in the cultural field's margins to explore the passages and crossings that can occur between creation and other social practices or disciplines (political activism, mediation or social action, sciences and social sciences, urbanism, ecology, economy ...). Created in 1997 by Julien Ottavi, APO33 is an association managed by professional artists focusing on inter-media practices: experimental cross-over art, sound art, digital art, creation and social theory. APO33 proposes a development of artistic research as collaboration, through new forms of writing and creative approaches, inviting artists, theorists, researchers, the general public etc. to experiment through exhibitions, live concerts, performances, meetings and local, national and international workshops (City of Nantes, Department, Region). APO33 is an artistic, theoretical and technological interdisciplinary laboratory which develops collaborative projects combining various forms of research, experimentation and intervention in public spaces. As part of the continuous dynamics initiated by the free-ware movement, APO33 is constructed as a modular space, initiating projects and collaborative creation processes and exploring new modes of production and creative and artistic dissemination.


To support art creation on the Rhône-Alpes territory


musical creation