The national higher school of decorative arts is a public, higher education establishment run by the ministry of culture and communication. A flourishing, intellectual, creative and artistic centre, its motto is: innovation, multidisciplinarity, partnerships. Like the large anglo-saxon schools, the ENSAD has 710 students, both French and foreign, and offers 10 training sectors: Interior design, Spatial art, Film animation, Graphic design/multimedia, Object design, Textile and materials design, Clothing design, Printed images, Photo/video, Scenography. In addition, the school’s research laboratory, (EnsadLab) offers ten research programs covering the fields of art and design. There are 50 student researchers of whom several are also completing a doctorate in a French university or abroad. ENSAD is a member of the Higher Education Research Pole- Paris Sciences and Literature - Latin Quarter.


Classified as a historical monument, the old Dominican convent of Haute- Alsace, dating from the 14th century, is firmly anchored in modernity. Proof to this is the union between the AudioVisualCenter’s new technologies and the mural paintings which have thus been revived despite the damages of time. The history of these centuries-old walls is emerging and the site has found again the spirituality with which it was once endowed, through multimedia technologies. The old convent has thus proudly opened up to the new gaze of the 21st century. Music and history resonate here, within the walls of a space that is unparalleled elsewhere. Without bias or dogma, all musical currents are represented in a program where eclecticism and talent are the key words. The Dominicans dare to confront baroque music with French rock during the same evening. A spirit of openness that tears apart musical frontiers to gather audiences in trainings for high-level professionals and enlightened amateurs.


Several venues constitute le Manège in Mons: - The Théâtre Royal - The Théâtre le Manège - The Site of the Arbalestriers/Maison Folie - The Abel Dubois Auditorium


The first art centre dedicated to the relationship between artistic creation and nature, the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire displays an ambitious program of contemporary art as well as the International Gardens Festival.



A centre for creation comprising production, diffusion and training. A centre for research with a scientific team.