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The Living Labs of the Aix region is building on its European experiences, notably launched in 2006 by the Finnish presidency of the European Union. Several dozen Living Labs have since been created in Europe and the rest of the world. These initiatives generally gather public and private partners, businesses, associations and individuals, with the aim of carrying out a life-size test for new services, tools and uses, with a philosophy of open innovation, in a precise experimental territory, This approach, which appeared in the 1990's with the arrival of new information and communication technologies, has considerably developed since then, with the help of open source, creative commons licences, participating media and collaborative Web portals that have come with the Web 2.0, and also with open data and the sharing of public information. These contemporary technologies outline the contours of tomorrow's world where the concepts of social innovations and creative economies are serving a society that is reinventing itself. One of the specifics we will be developing resides in the skills and expertise of the partners of the project consortium, the link between art, science, research and industry. Indeed, we are trying to get creative people, business people, scientists, artists and inventors of new tools and collaborative projects, some of whom have a social vocation, to work together. Put differently, the way for scientists and businesses committed to sustainable development to collaborate and invent together. Particularly, one of our aims is to revive and reinforce the links between the academic world, innovative businesses, artists' networks and other actors involved in the fields of research and innovation in our region and elsewhere, on a national and international scale. This articulation between scientists, artists and businesses could take on a singular meaning here, with a geographical proximity based on knowledge and sharing (and whose relevance is reinforces by the prospect of Marseille Provence 2013). We are developing a model for the Living Lab inspired by innovations in the widest sense of the term, initially revolving around questions of usage and multi-touch interfaces in the public space.

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LIVING LABS en Pays d'Aix


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