Transmediale 2015 : Capture All data for us

As every year, Transmediale festival is going to transform Berlin and its central location of Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) into the centre of international digital arts’s nervous system, trying to anticipate again the way digital culture that has been spreading all over the world is going to connect art and society. The theme chosen this year, Capture All, is probably one of those having the most important resonance to our global society’s changes in Transmediale festival history. 

It refers directly to the big data question that has been arising within our economic world and daily life. Within a society more and more driven by algorithms and other data coming from our always more connected digital activities, this is clear that digital artists, actors and researchers have a key role to play in the reflection about alternative lifestyles that take a stand against the imperative of extensive data collection in digital capitalism. 

Several conferences speakers such as Judy Wjacman, McKenzie Wark or Tiziana Terranova will then explain this new impact of digital technologies on our life and the way it can be as well “digitally preserved”. At the same time artists such as Zach Blas – with his piece Face Cages, a dramatisation of the abstract violence of the biometric diagram -, or Timo Arnall, with its multi-screen film Internet Machine, that tends to present the invisible infrastructures of the internet, will try to stress out this ambiguous relationship and uncanny tension between the user and the algorithm. Among other headlines to date, performance premiere of first collaboration between electronic musician Atom Tm and transdisciplinary Australian artist Robin Fox, and world premiere of the essayistic transmedia project World Brain by French artists Gwenola Wagon and Stéphane Degoutin. Can still this data system powerfulness be gamed of has an impasse already been reached? Transmediale’s Capture All will help to answer this challenging question.

Transmediale festival, Berlin, 28 January – 01 February,


Internet Machine, A multi-screen film about the invisible infrastructures of the internet, Timo Arnall

Double Vision by Atom™ & Robin Fox © Camille Blake

The Making of Double Vision by Atom TM & Robin Fox from Unsound Festival

WORLD BRAIN - TRAILER from Stéphane Degoutin Gwenola Wagon