Digital art festivals



an ambient / trance festival with an ad hoc scenery and surroundings…

Previous artists : Eat Static, Juno Reactor, Banco De Gaia, Atmos, Andromeda, Apex, Archaic, Aqualize, Avalon, Braincell, Circuit Breakers, Digital Tribe, E-Mov, Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Laughing Buddha, Man With No Name, Protoactive, Sirion, Solar Spectrum, Twisted Reaction, Yab Yum, Driss, Cydelix, Obsidian Projekt, Zero Cult…



a festival of new, experimental, noisy, contemporary and concrete music.

Previous artists : Oren Ambarchi, Merzbow, Super Critical Mass, Zane Banks…



AV Festival is an international festival of electronic arts featuring visual art, music and moving image. As a biennial, the next edition of the festival should take place in 2010 in different cities of the North of England.



Nine artistic sections to be seen on the Alpilles territory, with several Night shows dedicated to digital art, video & electronic music.

With Miguel Chevalier, Laura Anderson, Edgar Canul, Beatriz Castillo, Marcela Diaz, Demian Flores, Yolanda Gutierrez, Paloma Menéndez, Jean Charles Pigeau, Oswaldo Ruiz Chapa, Emilio Said, Hervé di Rosa…

Bains Numeriques

Bains Numériques has become the essential international art event for audio, visual and choreographic digital creation.

With Carl Craig, Organic Orchestra, Collectif MU, Lucky Dragons, Arnaud Rebotini…



An electronic dance night on the Pont du Gard.

With I:Cube (live), Guy Gerber (live), Nicolas Masseyeff (live), The Pimp, Jules & Moss (live), Damien Raud, Penn&Lopp...


Festival Bandits-Mages questions the evolution of video and Media in the field of art and teaching, the relationship between art, media practices and the economy, the connection with anticipation, and the body as sensitive media.



As stated in its name the line-up of this festival is 100% electronic.

Previous artists : Fisherspooner, Matthew Dear, Hudson Mohawke, Daedalus, Four Tet, Eclectic Method…

BEMF - Brussels Electronic Music Festival


The Palais des Beaux-Arts of Brussels is further broadening its horizons to electronic music with the first Brussels Electronic Music Festival (BEMF).



a wide and consensual line-up...

with Orbital, Paul Kalkbrenner, Modeselektor, Sigur Rós, Digitalism…