28 international Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2015

Festival presentation

Les Instants Vidéo is an event dedicated to video art and electronic poetry with its multiple forms, monobands, installations, performances, multimedia…
It is all together a festival and a laboratory where international renowned artists and works of arts can meet with works that are more fragile, still in progress, delicates. In order to support real encounters between works of art, artists and spectators, there is no competition and the admission is free.

The event is made of different spaces of time. The international Encounters take place in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseilles (in November). Every year, this central part of the event welcome more and more spectators, in a space we try to make as friendly as possible.
And either before and after these dates, we act in concert with our partners to organise the festival stopovers in other spaces in Marseille, the area…and abroad. We name the whole stopovers a poetronic constellation.

We do not give a theme, but every year we give a title to our manifestation like one does for a collection of poems: “Burn your own patience”, “Resistance my sweet concern”, “(Seize) The image round the waist”, “Under the sign of the Quetzal” ; … and we are wonderful ! ….

The title for this year festival (not definitive) is You expected me virgin. I expected you not to be a dumbass.

  1. We are prisoners of the image we have of the other (the foreigner, the poor, the opposite sex, the other sexuality, the revolutionary, the poet...).

  2. We are free each time we refuse to be kept in the dream of the other (fascist, racist, sexist, moraliser, religious...).

  3. The time has come for images to migrate, as well as for us so as to escape from stereotypes which make us monsters.

Artists don't have to follow the lines above. Be sure we will watch your work with attention, being aware that electronic poetry is fragile, delicate : a quivering…



Next Festival Dates

11/06/2015 - 11/29/2015

Festival Programmer Name

Marc Mercier


Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques

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Friche la Belle de Mai - 41 rue Jobin



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+33 (0)4 95 04 96 24

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Naïk M'Sili

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Free entrance

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More than 1500 art works received

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2am to 12 pm

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Marion Meyer

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