Collective art creation

With the growing usage and power of online tools, online collaborative art and crowd-sourced creativity demonstrate new ideas and ways to create, share and promote.   ...

Peter Greenaway - Tulse Lupper VJ at the Bains Numeriques Opening

Cinema is dead, here comes real time non linear cinema, a new performance experience by the acclaimed director Peter Greenaway.

Egypte post-futuriste

Travail de recherche pour la performance sur Egypte/Futurisme, qui sera présenté le 13 juin par hp process (Hortense Gauthier/Philippe Boisnard) au centre Bellegarde (Toulouse) dans le cadre du Marathon des mots.


trame012 part of the trame00/01 series involving analog & digital technics of "glicth art" www.tind.org
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