Transcultures, Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures électroniques et sonores (direction artistique : Philippe Franck), est une association qui a été créée en 1996 à Bruxelles pour promouvoir et développer les croisements entre les pratiques artistiques/culturelles contemporaines et les enjeux arts/société/technologies. Elle explore plus particulièrement les champs de la création numérique et des arts sonores. Depuis 2016, Transcultures est installée à Charleroi dans les bâtiments du Vecteur pour y développer un centre interdisciplinaire alliant production, médiation et réflexion pour les créateurs et les cultures électroniques et sonores.


Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck) is an association born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular on sound art and digital creation. Since 2008, Transcultures is settled in Charleroi (Belgium) and through its new interdisciplinary center, is working on production, mediation and reflection regarding electronic and sound projects.


City Sonic 2013 – 11th edition : Sound emergences + Park in Progress Mons - Opening 06.09.2013

07.09 >> 21.09.2013
Opening : 06.09.2013 @ 18h30
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After celebrating its 10th anniversary in September 2012 in several cities of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, City Sonic festival, initiated by Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Centre for Sound and Digital Cultures, in co-production with le Manège.mons and in partnership with the City of Mons focuses on the ‘sound emergences’ (Belgian and European young talents) for its eleventh edition.

The concept of innovation is more than ever at the heart of the festival with fifty artists presenting new forms of instruments and creations to be found in unusual places, encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations (between sound artists and researchers, musicians and poets, visual and sound artists, music and dance…).

The opening of City Sonic#11 begins with a guided tour by curator Philippe Franck in the presence of the artists on September 6th at 6.30pm starting with visiting the site des Arbalestriers to the Salle Saint-Georges on the Grand’Place. The opening of this edition of City Sonic is also associated, for the event part, to the European project Park In Progress on the site of the ancient slaughterhouse of Mons (anciens Abattoirs) and its surroundings with a “European Night of young creation.”

Park In Progress is a European mobility programme (supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union), which gathers together young artists and young professionals of culture taking part in the different stages of the production of an artwork, around a joint project that requests transdisciplinary experience.

This project initiated by European Pepinières for young artists is associated with City Sonic#11 for the opening of the festival on September 6th on the site des anciens Abattoirs (at 20:30) with a “European Night of young creation” (series of short in-situ interdisciplinary creations, with sound dimension) and also an exhibition to la Grande Halle on the site des anciens Abattoirs. Park in progress that has been presented in the area of Saint-Cloud (Paris), Nottingham and Pannonhalma in Hungary will be associated with festival City Sonic for its seventh edition in Belgium before returning a second time in Mons in September 2014 (also associated to City Sonic), before leaving for Cyprus, Berlin and Luxembourg. At each step of this nomadic project, artists and young professionals of culture are invited to invest a park or a urban green space to create an ambulatory itinerary, a “Park in progress”, composed by various artistic proposals (installations, performances, screenings …) that are revealed to the audience during a “European Night of young creation” on the site of their residency.

The opening night will be followed by an “after sonic” featuring alter electro DJs at the Abattoirs.

City Sonic#11 itinerary open from 7th to 21st September 12 >6pm (closed on Mondays) in four locations in the city: the Salle Saint-Georges (Grand’Place, starting-point of the itinerary), the Mediathèque (near the Grand’Place), the site des Arbalestiers and the site des anciens Abattoirs (from September 10th).

Read the Editorial, by Philippe Franck & Jean-Paul Dessy, on the City Sonic Website

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