Transcultures, Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures électroniques et sonores (direction artistique : Philippe Franck), est une association qui a été créée en 1996 à Bruxelles pour promouvoir et développer les croisements entre les pratiques artistiques/culturelles contemporaines et les enjeux arts/société/technologies. Elle explore plus particulièrement les champs de la création numérique et des arts sonores. Depuis 2016, Transcultures est installée à Charleroi dans les bâtiments du Vecteur pour y développer un centre interdisciplinaire alliant production, médiation et réflexion pour les créateurs et les cultures électroniques et sonores.


Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck) is an association born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular on sound art and digital creation. Since 2008, Transcultures is settled in Charleroi (Belgium) and through its new interdisciplinary center, is working on production, mediation and reflection regarding electronic and sound projects.


#Call - Transnumériques #Awards 2015 - Art(s) & Network(s) - Special #GIF - #netart #webart

In the framework of the Festival of digital cultures, Transnumeriques (an event of Mons2015, European Capital of Culture), Transcultures, Media and Sound Arts Centre, launches 3 calls for proposals to participate to the 2015 edition of its Transnumeriques Awards – Art(s) and Network(s).

For this edition, Transcultures will focus its awards on the GIF and its animated images, (usually in a loop). Back to the earlier Web, the GIFs were very simple. In a late 2000s, a new generation of artists has emerged and promoted GIFs as a work of art in itself. Lately, GIF works have bee part of multiple online exhibitions, but also, exhibitions in contemporary art galleries. Transcultures is especially interested by the relation the art of GIF generates as meeting points of a certain culture which it became, if not the emblem, in any case the exercise of style…

The Transcultures Awards are supported by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, Mons2015, European Capital of Culture and the plateform.


Four partners, three deadlines for minimum 3 exhibitions in 2015.

@ Festival Videoformes
Gifs Awards Event
deadline : 01/03/2015
exhibition 19 > 21/03/2015

@ ARTour Biennale, Contemporary art and patrimony
Homo Faber Gifs exhibition
deadline : 01/04/2015
exhibition 26/6 > 30/08/2015

@ Les Transnumériques in the framework of Mons2015
Emergences numériques/Digital Emergences + Café Europa
deadline : 01/08/2015
exhibition 27/11 >12/12/2015

All infos and application on the Transcultures Website




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