Transcultures, Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures électroniques et sonores (direction artistique : Philippe Franck), est une association qui a été créée en 1996 à Bruxelles pour promouvoir et développer les croisements entre les pratiques artistiques/culturelles contemporaines et les enjeux arts/société/technologies. Elle explore plus particulièrement les champs de la création numérique et des arts sonores. Depuis 2016, Transcultures est installée à Charleroi dans les bâtiments du Vecteur pour y développer un centre interdisciplinaire alliant production, médiation et réflexion pour les créateurs et les cultures électroniques et sonores.


Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck) is an association born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular on sound art and digital creation. Since 2008, Transcultures is settled in Charleroi (Belgium) and through its new interdisciplinary center, is working on production, mediation and reflection regarding electronic and sound projects.


Call - Mobile Art(s) & Network(s) Awards 2014 - - deadline : March 10

In the framework of the VIA festival and in partnership with the « Coupole Numérique » (a new platform linking various structures working in the digital sphere in the region of Mons-Belgium) Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, Transcultures, Digital and Sound Arts Centre present, with the support of Mons 2015, an introduction to the Net Art in 3 days dedicated to the various Net Art forms. On this special occasion, Transcultures launch a call for proposals for its 2014 Mobile Awards 2014 – Art(s) & Network(s), special "Art on Web".  


Eligibility criteria

  • The artistic net art work can be created by one artist or a collective.
  • The project can be a new piece, an adaptation or a new version of a previous work
  • The artwork can be a "work in progress", but in a state which can be shown and understood by the audience


  • No specific theme, but we will pay particular attention to net art works which:
    • take a critical look at the complexity of the Web, its "neutrality" or its social/political « commitment », at our social networks habits or at real time data visualization
    • question our relationship to society, media, news
    • question the notions of Net Art, creativity on/by the Web
    • provide strong visual, sonic or poetic aesthetics

Technical criteria

  • The video projection will consist of two HD projectors forming one screen (minimum 800px * 2400px )
  • The work must be responsive to the screen size or be easily adaptable
  • A standard Web version of the art work is a plus (so the public can also see it at home)
  • No mouse/keyboard/webcam interaction, these interfaces will be accessible for the public (although there may be such interactions in the standard Web version) .
  • Interactivity with the public is possible via the microphone, a Web upload through an e-form, filling an online form, feeds (atom/rss) or via mobile interface (tablets, smartphones)
  • The work must be available online; it should be possible to integrate it via the web beacon <iframe> created by Jacques Urbanska
  • If possible, a copy of all files of the work will be sent to Transcultures (in case of Web connexion problem/server problems)
  • All formats are welcome: html , css, gif , js, flash , WebGL , processing , java, flash ...
  • Your answer to this call for proposals must include:
    • A brief biography
    • 2 HD visuals of your work
    • A brief description of the work and main axes that underlie it.
    • If the work is not created, if possible some online examples that you’ll use in this work.
    • For existing works, a web link to the work and its documentation will be sufficient.
  • Please send your proposition to Jacques Urbanska ( - mail object : Mobile Art(s) & Network(s) Awards

Financial conditions

  • The prize winner will benefit from a budget (700 euros per project) and a communication via various Transcultures and associated networks.
  • The prize winner will be eligible for distribution to an event associated with Transcultures or/and to a Mons 2015 event, European Capital of Culture.
  • The prize winners will be notified by email within a few days after the deadline, they will have another ten days to finalize their projects
  • All works in the condition of criteria will be show (with the permission of the artist) on the platform, even if they are not winning.

Context Launched by Transcultures in of the framework of Transnomades 2013 / la Quinzaine numérique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, The Mobile Awards - Art(s) & Network(s) want to stimulate « connected media art » giving it more visibility . For the Festival VIA 2014, the Mobile Awards focus on artworks intended to be webcasted and shown on a screen (gifs/glitches, Neen Art, memes, web installation...). The 3 winning works will be shown on a big screen in a room of the Maison Folie in Mons (where the Net Art exhibition will be also shown)

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