Suguru Goto

Suguru Goto is a composer/performer, an inventor and a multimedia artist and he is considered one of the most innovative and the mouthpiece of a new generation of Japanese artists. He is highly connected to technical experimentation in the artistic field and to the extension of the existing potentialities in the relation man-machine. In his works the new technologies mix up in interactive installations and experimental performances; he is the one who invented the so called virtual music instruments, able to create an interface for the communication between human movements and the computer, where sound and video image are controlled by virtual music instruments in real-time through computers. Lately, he has been creating the robots, which perform acoustic instruments, and he is gradually constructing a robot orchestra.

The 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition Awards


I am pleased to inform you that my interactive sound installation, "Cymatics" has been selected as the 2nd prize in the 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition.  


Dear Kinetic Artists and Participants,

The 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition 8 min. Awards video,

The quality and depth of the submissions were astounding and all the judges expressed the difficulty to only select 3 Winners and 3 honorable Mentions.

The 2013 KAO Award Winners are:

1st Prize  - Behnaz Farahi Bousanjani

2nd Prize - Suguru Goto

3rd Prize  - Lin Emery

as well as the three Honorable Mentions:

Markus Fritschi


Jeffrey Zachmann


For more info - see KAO at  

The Awards Ceremony was held at the 1st International Kinetic Art Symposium and Exhibition in Boynton Beach, Florida on Sunday 2/10/2013 - see .



Musical cellular automata

  The Game of Life, cellular automata devised by John Horton Conway in 197
by jimrolland