EMAF Call for entries

We would like you to submit your contributions to participate
in the EMAF 2011 by 15 December 2010.         



We look forward to receiving your entries to the European Media Art
Festival competition, with new works. You’re invited to send us films,
videos, performance projects or expanded media works. Please use the
online forms for all submissions.

EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art.
As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and
an audience of experts the festival has a great impact on the topics
and aesthetics of Media Art. Each year the festival offers its
visitors a current overview of experimental films, installations,
performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal
and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements
from the pulsating area of “Media Art – Society”. The Festival sees
itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where
extraordinary works, experiments and ventures are created and

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