The 3rd Geo-Cosmos Contest Content


We are calling for applicants for the 3rd Geo-Cosmos Content Contest organized by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo, Japan.


This contest is held as part of Miraikan’s TSUNAGARI project, a project aspiring towards multilateral understanding of the Earth, life and the future.


Started in 2014, the contest aims to explore new possibilities and methods of expression for the project’s central exhibit, the spherical display Geo-Cosmos.


 This will be the 3rd time that this contest is being held. This year, apart from the "Movie Category" two new categories have been created, "Live Content Category" and "Idea Category". These new categories are introduced in order to expand the creative reach of this competition and in order to attract a wider range of applicants from students to professional creators.


 Theme:Invisible reality


 Qualification requirements:

Any company, organization or individual may apply. No restrictions related to age, sex, occupation or nationality apply.


Application period:Dec 9 Fri 2016 - Feb 15 2017 Wed 6PM JST


Application procedure:Fill in the online application form available on the contests`

official website (,


and submit the documents (through the website) as required by the category in which you want to apply.


For more information, please visit the project's website: