MIRA festival is an international placeholder in the visual arts calendar bringing new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic collaborations are fostered. It’s a cultural event that bases its proposal in three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education.

The thought provoking events, held in the city of Barcelona, combine unique spaces and architecture to spread different cultural initiatives such as concerts, installations, conferences and workshops showcasing visual and technological innovation. MIRA encourages collaboration, enables the emergence of new projects and supports relationships from collectives, associations and individuals linked with visual creation.

What differentiates MIRA from other festivals and cultural activities, is the ability to interweave the visual and music elements to transform them into a unique and immersive experience for the public.

We want to create genuine sensory experiences.


Fulldome Workshop 360º

Among the objectives of training, research, information and dissemination in the audiovisual creation, the MIRA 2015 - Live Visual Arts Festival creates the MIRA Immersive Camp, with some diferent workshops, presentations and other activities around immersive experiences, generated visuals and the most advanced techniques of digital video creation.

The Fulldome Workshop 360º will develope the theorical foundations, the various technical options and the set-up approaches and content creation for 360º Fulldome structures. Two Workshop options will be available: Workshop1 - Visual Fulldome 360º and Workshop2 - AudioFulldome 360º.


Intensive Workshop: W1 – Visuals Fulldome 360º

Instructors: Pedro Zaz (United Vj’s) UK / Eyesberg Studio SPAIN / SAT Montreal CANADA

Pedro Zaz (United VJ’s). UK
New-media artist working with 360 VJ and fulldome,  video projection mapping, Television, club-VJ and audio-visual performance. He is the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed video artist group United VJs and the teaching platform VJ University, which provides specific art & technology knowledge around the world. Pedro is a director and one of the principle organizers of the film festival FULLDOME UK. In the field of fulldome, he has also co-created the Blendy Dome VJ, a software for VJing in digital planetariums
Eyesberg Studio. Spain
A company based in a misterious colonial house into the woods in Cabrils, Barcelona. Martina Ampuero and José Vaaliña, video artist and designers of interactive virtual environments, lead this community that combines a natural life style with the hi-tech art creation. They take years creating projections for large-format shows around the world.
SAT Montreal. Canada
Founded in 1996, the SAT is a non-profit organization internationally recognized for its active and leading role in the development of immersive technologies and augmented realties by the creative use of high-speed networks. The Satosphère is the first permanent immersive environment dedicated to activities surrounding artistic creation and visualization. Its dome forms a spherical 360-degree projection screen

Dates: November 2nd: Immersion, theory and technique / November 3rd: Creating visual content in 360º + Practices / November 4th: Improvement and Fulldome practices.
10h-14h / 15:30h to 19:30h (Total teaching hours: 24h)

Location: Fabrica de creació Fabra i Coats. Sant Andreu. Barcelona. Spain.

Spaces: Classrooms of Fabra i Coats + Fulldome (16 m. diameter + 5 projectors + Surround sound system).

Requirements: Audiovisual creation previous knowledge, video-projection techniques, vjing and/or mapping. Every student will have to bring his/her own computer.

Focus: 3 days of full classes with the goal to learn all the stuff related with 360º inmersive video-creation and the Fulldome video-projection. Internacional experts are teaching and with a 16m diameter Fulldome located in Fabra i Coats during the Festival days.

Workshop Fee: Visual Full pass: Visuals Fulldome 360 (135 €) / Day 1 ticket: Immersion, Theorics and Technique (60 €) / Day 2 ticket: 360º Visual Content Creation + Practices (60 €) / Day 3 ticket: Fulldome Improvement + Practices(60 €)

More information: http://www.mirafestival.com/en/workshops/


Intensive Workshop: W2 – Sound Fulldome 360º

Instructors: SAT Mont-réal. Canada / Andrés Pérez. Spain

Dates: November 2nd: Immersion, theory and space theory of sound. / November 3rd: 360º Sound creation + Practices / November 4th: Improvement + Fulldome practices.
10h-14h / 15:30h to 19:30h (Total teaching hours: 24h)

Location: Fabrica de creació Fabra i Coats. Sant Andreu. Barcelona. Spain.

Spaces: Fabra i Coats classrooms + Fulldome (16 m diameter + audio surround system)

Requirements: Sound creation knowledge, audio mix and post-production

Focus: Playing with evolvent sound and 360º experimentation.
In immersive creation, sound is 50% of immersive feeling, thus we want to organise a workshop focused on sound creators interested in sound spacialization and 360º immersive audio creation.

Workshop Fee: Sound Full pass: Sound Fulldome 360 (135 €) / Day 1 ticket: Immersion, Theorics and Sound Spacial Theory (60 €) / Day 2 ticket: 360 Sound Creation + Practices (60 €) / Day 3 ticket: Fulldome Improvement and Practices (60 €).

More information: http://www.mirafestival.com/en/workshops/



20.11.2017 > 07.01.2018 – The Art of Secret exhibition @ Mundaneum Mons

It is interesting to see how the digital artistic sphere has seized surveillanc
by Transcultures