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Ars Electronica installations

As every year, the visitor is provided with a large selection of installations. A few examples:   - Mobility from Otto Bock       ...

Ars Electronica center and U19

Ars Electronica is this year more centered around the Ars Electronica center itself. Wednesday's evening concert took place on the main deck there with the great Gameboy Music Club, the impressive Tesla Orchestra and Michael Mayr & Kid Soylent.     ...

Gamboy Music Club concert at Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica opening concert on the main deck of the Ars Electronica center. Mixture of old game console, music and the light scene using the entire center LED facade.

Going to South by South West, the World Size Festival in Austin, Texas

Leaving this Thrusday for SXSW (South by South West) in Austin, Texas, of all places. My first time there. Glad to discover Austin and SXSW. Digitalarti even organized a partnership with SXSW.         ...

Ars Electronica Festival Afterthoughts

Soo much to see, hear, exchange, discover…  at this year's Ars Electronica festival. What remains afterward?        The sheer size of the location was a much discussed topic among visitors. Impressive? Too much? Great? Not enough budget to properly use the whole space? Too much cardboard? ...

Ars Electronica conferences – Open Source Life IV: Repair Society (and yourself)

Ars Electronica organized an Open Source Symposium during the festival ending by this conference:  Repair Society (and yourself).   Moderated by Andreas Hirsch, the conference included Saskia Sassen on the digital training of the powerless ( with interesting parallels between2 opposite worlds: the finance industry and the powerless), Derrick de Kekhove on open source life and Jiochi Ito on the new meaning of life and the necessary changes among the world elites.   ...

Cloud of Sound event (Klangwolke): BABY JET, the Evening Show along the Danube during Ars Electronica

As every year, a large public event is organized during the Ars Electronica festival along the Danube. This year's theme was BABY JET, the railroad of the future. The fantasized project, from artist Lawine Torren, is to create an underground, more than 1.000 km per hour, bullet train.    ...

Interview Christine Schopf, co-director Ars Electronica

Christine Schopf, co-director Ars Electronica, presents the history of the location of the festival, the Tabakfabrik, the festival theme "Repair" and the various aspects of the festival ranging from digital art, innovation to green focus, etc. Due to her busy agenda and the need for light, we organized the interview at the ground floor of building 1 hosting the New Work Factory, not the most artistic sp ...

Ars Electronica Golden Nicas Gala Awards Ceremony 2010

The Gala evening took place this year inside the Tabakfabrik where most of the Ars Electronica festival is taking place.     The gala evening was co-hosted by Christine Schopf co-director Ars Electronica and Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica Artistic Director. ...

EyeWriter presentation at Ars Electronica Gala

EyeWriter presentation at the Ars Electronica Gala by the whole team:   Zach Lieberman (US), James Powderly (US), Tony Quan (US), Evan Roth, (US), Chris Sugrue (US) and Theo Watson (UK). Information at: 

Video Jonathan Schipper Measuring Angst at Ars Electronica

Jonathan Schipper artwork Measuring Angst has won the Honorary mention Hybrid Art at the Ars Electronica festival. The artwork and Jonathan Schipper's work analyses creative destruction. The artwork reproduces the moments in wich a bottle is thrown against a wall and shatters to pieces as shown on this picture: