L' art interactif, ludique et musical de Jean-Robert Sédano et Solveig de Ory. en Français.

The interactive art, ludic and music of Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.  in English.



The Wheels of Song "Roues du Chant" 2010

The Wheels of Song "Roues du Chant"

Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig of Ory

6 wheel bicycle on pedestals, the way the famous readymade *, produce music of the moment according to the speed driven by the participants.

Following the "Speaking mills" and "Mélotropes" we continue our exploration of circular motion
cyclical phenomena on the road singing harmonic wheels animated by the public will produce multiple frequencies granted them and create a polyphonic combinatorial in perpetual motion.

Vocal music generated by "the Wheels of Song" is based on principles of the game of harmonic multiples of the fundamental frequency. It is linked to the laws of inertia and produces an atmosphere conducive to listening, to daydreaming, meditation ...

The Wheels of Song "Roues du Chant" are also an original creation in interactive digital art using software specifically designed for the installation.

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* "Bicycle Wheel" is a work of Marcel Duchamp
created in Paris in 1913.