L' art interactif, ludique et musical de Jean-Robert Sédano et Solveig de Ory. en Français.

The interactive art, ludic and music of Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.  in English.



The Round 2001

The Round

A musical and interactive Installation by Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.

The Round is a set of 8 sculptures arranged in circle. Every sculpture consists of a pair of life-size bronze hands casted according to the hands of the authors, put on a plinth and surmounted by an umbrella.
The public is invited to come in The Round by squeezing hands to create immediately a musical variation which will depend on the contact and on the number of the participants. It appears in the form of polyphonic modulations of a long arpeggio.
Only one participant in touch with two sculptures will already hear a music in immediate snatches of the score.
When the buckle of The Round will be closed thanks to the continuous contact of the human hands and the bronze hands the sound programming will reach its most complex form and will change according to the tactile pressures of each one.

Created in 2001.

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