L' art interactif, ludique et musical de Jean-Robert Sédano et Solveig de Ory. en Français.

The interactive art, ludic and music of Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.  in English.



Music in the Black 2009

Music in the darkMusic in the Black

Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig of Ory

Draw the music space ... Build in a dark space, "Music in the Black" with just flashlights!

Careful listening obtained in the dark opens new fields of perception. The play of light beams creating the sounds and can draw in space the sound environment.

can choose at any moment one of four programs sound:

"One night in the
forest", "
Journey Under the Sea", "The Philharmonic's Closet", "The dark

Alone or in groups," Music in the Dark "is an experience spatial audio only sharpens the sense of hearing and promotes a friendly and playful relationship between the participants.

in the Black is a music discovery, a renewed soundscape always
associated with a form of graphic design "Light Painting" interactive
real time.
The plots of the light beams are kept as a persistence and projected into the room by a video projector.

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