L' art interactif, ludique et musical de Jean-Robert Sédano et Solveig de Ory. en Français.

The interactive art, ludic and music of Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig de Ory.  in English.



Antique and chromatic Machines

Antique and chromatic Machines
by Jean-Robert Sédano & Solveig de Ory

Antique & chromatic Machines

In this kinetic and participative installation your legs as well as your head are in the spotlight. The antique and chromatic Machines associate the elegant mechanics  "Modern style"  with digital art in a green version disconnected from the electric mains.

The installation consists of four old sewing machines, which we have kept the pedal to animate a luminous disc changing images according to the rotation.

Forging links with the history of art and techniques, reviving the Rotary Glass Plates of Marcel Duchamp, colorful theories of Bauhaus and the early days of cinema, the four pedals activate four different image series: yellow and green triangular shapes, circular blue and cyan, magenta and red square, lines and dots in black and white.

 Connecting human energy to the collective creativity, in the vibration pulleys and rotors, alternately actors and spectators visitors will create the color and light performance.

Playful and autonomous, antique and chromatic Machines by Jean-Robert Sedano and Solveig Ory propose a new pedal stroke in interactive art: consume the art that you produce !

Composition: 4 pedal machines, with drive pulley of a dynamo hub, 56cm diameter Plexiglass disc, programmable LED strip, 72 images in memory, 140cm height, length 90cm, width 70cm, 4 stools.

Presentation: Ground flat and level, any type of place (except rain - about 20m² minimum) , day in the shade or night. Standalone device: no technical requirements, no hardware to provide, no electrical connection. Setting up 15 minutes.



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