7 Ways to Have a Successful Conference Call

When you're busy traveling and meetings come up you'll want a way of hosting a free group video conference. These conferences are really popular today because they help you to stay productive while on the go. There are some considerations you must think about and make.

Key Considerations For Your Conference Call

Before you're preparing to host a conference call, Entreprenur says that you should ask yourself a few questions first. These include:

· Should there even be a conference call occurring?

· Is this discussion important to have?

· Is everyone who's in attendance a necessary part of this conference call?

· Do we need to take time to brainstorm before having this meeting?

Answering “no” to any of these questions means you shouldn't have this conference call. After all, this isn't a time for small talk. It's a time when you should discuss important business. This is why everyone on the call must be an essential team member and should see some common conference call courtesy tips, which include:

· Waiting two seconds after the other person stops speaking

· Not talking if you're not absolutely certain about what you're saying

· Try never to power through someone when you find yourself talking at the same time as another person

· When conceding, immediately stop talking and give the floor to the other person

· Imagine everyone can see you so maintain your focus on what's going on, sit up straight, and remain attentive

Tips For Hosting A Successful Conference Call

As a business person, you already realize how important it is to act professionally. This is also true when you're hosting a video conference call. In fact, according to Big Umbrella there are specific ways you should act when you're hosting a video conference call. Some tips you should heed while hosting a conference call include:

· Always be punctual when you're conducting a conference call. By dialing into the call a few seconds early instead of waiting until the last-minute you'll have time to fix any technical issues before the conference call begins. Additionally, if you happen to have the wrong passcode, you can fix that issue as well.

· Make sure you give an agenda to everyone who's involved before the conference call and that it highlights all the meeting's facts, as well as the structure the meeting will take. Clearly state how much time this call will take as well. This allows everyone to effectively take part in the call.

· Choose a quiet place for the call away from any crowds. This way you can make sure that everyone clearly hears you when you're speaking throughout the call. It also helps you to know you're not missing out on any important information by being distracted.

· Take notes, especially if it's a long call, so that you can stay focused. These don't have to be extensive notes, just simple reminders of what occurred throughout the conference call.

· Use visual aids when necessary, such as when you're introducing a new strategy or idea. These encourage discussion and participation in the call. Of course, you don't need them for every call because they can become annoying, but when used correctly and at the right time they do work quite well.

· Keep the conference call short and focused. It's important that you're clear about what you'll cover throughout the call. This isn't material that should drag on for very long either.

Using Your Voice Properly During Conference Calls

Your voice plays a major role in any conference call you host. This is why it deserves a special mention all its own. There are some definite tips that will help you here. They include:

· Take voice lessons. Although this sounds somewhat humorous, there's a lot of truth in it. In fact, research Entrepreneur says that a lot of research was conducted within the past 10 years demonstrating the importance of using your voice properly. In the same way as body language means specific things (e.g. a long gaze suggests power, empathy, self-assuredness and intelligence; crossing your arms signals you're not open to change; slumping in your chair shows you aren't interested), the tone of your voice throughout a conference call also tells those in attendance a lot. For this reason, you'll want to learn how to use your voice properly by speaking loudly, clearly, and with authority. Having a slightly intense disposition here will also help you guide the meeting. When having a video conference call, make sure you also pay attention to your body language. In either case, you'll want to make sure that you're conveying that you're in control of the meeting so that things don't get off track, wasting everyone's time.

· Speak in long statements. This way you're sure to get your entire point in before someone else starts speaking. When someone else does speak, let them have the floor for as long as they find necessary. Don't interrupt someone who's speaking unless they continually repeat the same thing for too long.

· Focus solely on delivering information instead of talking about the niceties. Try to make it so that everyone goes easy on the banter, humor and asides as well. If everyone doesn't stick to the schedule and the topics at hand, the entire call will become unnecessarily difficult. Of course, this is the very last thing anyone wants to have happen considering everyone on the call already has other important things they need to attend to.

Video conference calls play a major role in business today because of how beneficial they are. When you stop to think about these benefits you'll see that there isn't a single reason your business shouldn't be using them today. Of course, you probably already realize that these calls are only beneficial when you host a successful video conference. For this reason, it's really important to heed the aforementioned tips so that you can continue building a prosperous business both now and in the future.