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Internet Yami-Ichi 5 Brussels | September 28th

Internet-ish artworks market + Performances by Exonemo & JODI

The mysterious collective invites us to perpetuate "in real life" the freedom and joyful anarchy of the early web. Join us at the Internet Yami-Ichi, a market for internetish things, gathering more than 40 artists from Japan, USA & Europe. The second edition outside of Japan of this post-digital flea market will take place in Brussels' Art Nouveau landmark Les Ateliers des Tanneurs (next to the organic food market)!

A/V performances (20:30)
We will end the Yami-Ichi on a high note, with performances by the Japanese duo Exonemo, and the pioneers JODI.

Join us, come and browse face-to-face the post-digital goods of:
Jodi [BE+NL], Cory Arcangel [USA], Aram Bartholl [DE], Anonymouse, Niko Princen [NL],GLITCHAUS (Jeff Donaldson) [US], Nukeme [JP], Dorita [JP], Akihiko Taniguchi [JP], Exonemo [JP],Merce Death [JP], yang02 [JP], Shunya Hagiwara [JP], Sskhybrid [JP], Sadamu Fujioka [JP], IDPW [JP], Internet dude [JP], Yusuke Momma [JP], Tomoya Watanabe [JP], NIKO [JP], Matthew Plummer-Fernandez [UK], BrowserBased [NL], Jacob Eriksen [DK], John Wild [UK], Nicolas Probst [CH], Dennis de Bel [NL], Fabien Mousse [FR], Olivier Auber [FR], Jan Vantomme [BE], Julien Deswaef [BE], La Villa Hermosa [BE], HALO PUBLICATIONS [BE], Vincent Evrard [BE], Stéphane Noël [BE], Louise Moraldy [FR], Rosanne Kurrer [BE], Adrien Domken [BE], Luc Hanneuse [BE], Bart Vandeput [BE], Jorge Saint Aubyn [BE], Dominique Van de Vorst [BE] and many more!

During the whole day, our Yami-Ichi Master of Ceremony Hans Theys will introduce presentations & performances by the present artists.

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Sunday 28 Septembre 2014 (free access)
Market from 11:00 to 22:00
Performances at 20:30
Location : Ateliers des Tanneurs – Glazed Hall(next to the organic food market)
Rue des Tanneurs / Huidevettersstraat 58-62, 1000 Brussels