“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”
(Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)



imageo®evolution | opencall | conVocation

Your participation will make this project useful to its own purpose: it will transform the energy of educational terrorism with the means of imaginative new coordinates.

Are you an artist?
= If you know how to look, glimpse, inspire and create, it’s your turn!

Choose an image from the internet, from the news, from your daily newspaper etc., don’t fight it, but transform it into Beauty, Goodness, Justice through your own artistic medium.
This will not change what happened, as not even indifference, judgment and indignation can change it… but it will move (let’s believe it!) the energy of the “body of pain”, so that it won’t attract and create more pain because of the “collective consciousness”.

Transform the energy of the image you have chosen into another form: your physical artwork.

Find a public place, even a bus or metro station, and leave it there with caption ( on the back. The artCrossing will do the rest.

Start by remaining anonymous, create only to create, you don’t need to authenticate your work, what is valuable is your imagination and your intent.

Send HD pictures of your work and of where you left it to this email address: and specify your credits (name, title, technique, contacts and any comments up to 300 characters).

Call new artists too, because there’s much work to be done!

The catalog will be sent to the United Nations.
Stay tuned for updates: