Editorial by Anne-Cécile Worms

Topography of resources and art spaces dedicated to digital arts

Musiques & Cultures Digitales, with support from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, presents the first edition of the Guide to Resources and Art Spaces for digital and multimedia production in the fields of music and sound art, performance and visual arts, installations…

La Pommerie, Désert Numérique, Le Cube, la Maison Populaire, les Dominicains, Bouillants, Ma Scène Nationale, le Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, Labomédia, la Gaîté Lyrique, Médias-Cité, La Draille, Oudéis, Imaginarium, Lieu Multiple, Stéréolux, Living Labs, Locus Sonus, Ateliers Arts-Sciences… We have traveled across France and across borders to reference spaces for residencies, the production and distribution of digital arts. The outlined network is dense and diverse. From national institutions to independent associations, from cultural centers to multimedia spaces, from laboratories to art schools, this topography highlights the richness and dynamics of organizations that support and distribute digital art in France.

Published with artists in mind, this guide can also be a precious tool for all the professionals and amateurs of emerging art practices who fuse new media with contemporary art.

The activities and resources made available to artists are precisely presented, with appendixes for financial aid and festivals. The complementary Guide to Digital Festivals has been published annually for the past six years by Musiques & Cultures Digitales, with a calendar of more than 400 festivals in France and around the world.

The guide is updated on a bilingual website, produced by MCD’s partner Digitalarti: <www.guideartnumerique.fr>

This website will also allow us to reference new spaces, as the field of digital arts evolves quickly, and this publication does not pretend to be exhaustive. Its content is based on the contribution of organizations that responded to our questionnaire, and we warmly thank their teams for this active participation. Of course, we also invite any organizations that were not identified in this publication to contact us in order to create their online space.

In this way, we will pursue our mission to give new visibility and value to this dynamic network that supports the contemporary artists of French digital and multimedia art.

Anne-Cécile Worms