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This practical guide gives a panorama of art spaces offering residencies, the production and distribution of digital and multimedia art.
It highlights a dense and diverse network of organizations that merge new media with contemporary art in the fields of music and sound art, performance and visual arts, installations…
Published with artists in mind, it is also intended for producers, distributors, teachers, students, journalists, people in training and the general public.
This reference tool precisely indexes available human resources, financial aids and technical equipment.
The main part of the guide is the index of files documenting the various public and private art spaces that support, co-produce and distribute digital multimedia artworks.
These multiple-entry files offer general and practical information, a description and presentation of the organization, including its profile, primary mission and dominant art fields, target audience, contacts, admission criteria and conditions for residencies, various forms of aid, logistical and technical resources.
Published by Musiques & Cultures Digitales <MCD> with support from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication
Musiques & Cultures Digitales
«MCD is an independent medium on the cutting-edge of trends dominating our digital society. For the past 10 years, the magazine has offered in-depth analysis on digital themes: green tech, writing for digital media, video games, the Internet of Things… » Anne-Cécile Worms, Editorial Director
- With its magazine launched in January 2003, MCD accompanies the development of media art and aims to inform, promote and support the distribution of digital culture. MCD’s historical commitment to artists and producers and its recognition from creative communities and digital art networks have made it a medium of reference, a discoverer of trends. This thematic quarterly magazine provides insight into artistic practices and new applications of digital media through in-depth features that interweave the viewpoints of artists, scientists, enterpreneurs, economists, sociologists, intellectuals, etc.
- Musiques & Cultures Digitales also produces creative multimedia training workshops—Hype(r)Olds and Optical Crew—hosted by artists exploring the relationship between digital media and society. Hype(r)Olds, initiated by Albertine Meunier, is the first Internet/multimedia workshop for women over the age of 77, currently implemented in the French cities of Paris, Toulouse, Reims, Valence, Poitiers…
- On MCD’s website and social networks, national and international news of digital arts and electronic music is enhanced with multimedia content.
Digitalarti is a company dedicated to digital art and innovation, with 4 poles of activity:
- The first international social network dedicated to digital art and innovation, with an online community, mobile applications and a newsletter sent to more than 65,000 subscribers.
- An independent online medium featuring the daily publication of news, videos on TV and the quarterly magazine, in French and English, free to download on mobile devices, printed on demand.
- Corporate services: events on "digital art and innovation", lectures and symposia, consulting for innovation, innovative communications, exclusive artistic content…
- The ArtLab: a creative workshop open specifically to digital artists, modeled after fablabs and techshops. A work-in-progress supporting a number of innovative co-productions with French and international artists.