A word from Michel Orier, French Ministry of Culture and Communication

In the fields of performance and visual arts, many artists are crossing over disciplines and “naturally” using a wide range of digital media. In order to realize their projects, they rely on specific resources available from various cultural and art organizations, both in France and abroad.

These spaces for creating, distributing and learning, some of which are primarily dedicated to digital media, are populating our territory ever more densely, both in cities and in rural areas, reinforcing and expanding the resources dedicated to the specific production of these artworks.

However, because they are spread out, it is not always easy to identify them, especially as no single publication has attempted to index them, until now.

The ambition of this guide is to bridge this gap by offering an inventory of the human resources, financial and logistical aid of each organization, so that artists can easily identify the ones most suited to their projects.

Giving these available resources new visibility, complete with online updates, will encourage interdisciplinary exchanges among artists, researchers, engineers and technicians from different backgrounds, catalyzing their creative dynamics across an extended territory.

No doubt it will also facilitate the horizontal production of works in all artistic fields, at each stage of the creative process, and contribute to the development of a sector already recognized for its dynamics, richness and diversity.


Michel Orier

General Director of Artistic Creation / French Ministry of Culture and Communication