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Using Art to Tell a Story

Using Art to Tell a Story

Many people are afraid to devote their free time to artistic endeavors due to doubts about their capability and potential, as well as the cost of adequate equipment. In the past, this has been especially challenging for photographers. It has also been difficult for photographers to located affordable printing solutions. Fortunately, technology has made all of these challenges far easier to overcome.

Professional Tools for Amateurs

Learning the art of photography has never been easier. Top universities like Harvard and MIT have numerous courses available to the public for free online. A former Stanford photography professor has made his entire course available for free through a partnership with Google. He teaches not only the basics of how to use a camera effectively but also how to compose a shot in a way that creates the story one wants to tell.

High-quality photography is more accessible than ever before. Smartphones have cameras which produce higher quality images than the best camera on the market fifty years ago. DSLR cameras are available for far less than even a smartphone and further improve the quality of images. Anyone who has an interest in advancing their skills in photography can find a camera within their price range.

Photo editing software is available from top producers like Adobe for a monthly fee that rivals that of popular entertainment subscriptions. This provides powerful editing capabilities for a fraction of the investment cost traditionally associated with this type of software. There are even numerous free options available for those who wish to minimize their initial cost further. Editing is a key component in telling a powerful story with one's images.

Great photography is not achieved by simply capturing a few lovely images. It is an ongoing endeavor that has the capability to capture specific moments in time and stitch them together into a beautiful visual story.

Displaying Your Work

Once the story has been captured and each image has been lovingly edited to evoke the intended feeling, it is time to consider displaying the work for others. In the past, this was limited to what photographers were able to develop for themselves within the confines of their darkroom.

This is no longer the case. Giclée print services allows photographers at all stages of their professional development to print their images in stunning clarity. Printing several images allows a complete story to be told on the walls of a home or office.

It isn’t unusual for those new to the art of photography to be shy about sharing their work with the world. One way to become more comfortable is to display your work at home. Instead of hanging paintings and photographs of other people’s creations, one’s home makes the perfect initial gallery setting. It allows the artist to celebrate their unique vision and become more comfortable discussing their creative endeavors with visitors who comment on the displays.

Office displays are another excellent opportunity to share one’s gifts. The customization potential is virtually unlimited and it may also be a good way to promote the services or products of the brand.

It is no longer necessary to have work featured in an art gallery to proudly display one’s own artwork. Professional grade printing makes it easy for art enthusiasts to have their own photography printed to display at home or in their office. If art is something you are truly passionate about, this is the best way to take it to the next level.



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