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The Least Boring Mobile Games I Played

Right now mobile devices are the most popular portable gaming platforms, beating the crap out of the portable consoles released by the big names like Nintendo and Sony. You see, a 3DS or a PSP is only good at one thing (running games), while a smartphone or a tablet is good at so many more - it works as a media player, an internet browser, a spreadsheet editor, a camera, and so on. Besides, it has one of the largest gaming offers ever.


I think the most important thing about a game you play on the go is for it not to be boring. I have played zillions of games since I was a child (I started gaming on an ZX81, yes, I am THAT old), and there were just a few that had that "je ne sais quoix" that made them exciting and enjoyable. The situation is similar when it comes to modern mobile games - just those selected few have the potential to keep me with my fingers on the touchscreen for more than a few minutes. Below, I have selected three of the least boring games I have played while on the go.


1. Cut the Rope and its sequels (Zeptolab)


The goal of the game is simple - feed Om Nom, the little green monster with a huge mouth some candy. As simple as it may sound, it can be quite tricky - there are loads of puzzles to solve and loads of stars to collect in this game. It's far from being boring - you need to use your grey matter, as well as your hands to be able to advance in the game. A great pastime for a long road on the train.


2. Angry Birds Stella (Rovio)


A new release by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, again with birds trying to destroy as many piggies as they can with as few shots as possible. It has something extra, though - the characters (new ones!) have special powers right from the start, and they indeed need them to complete the set of puzzles that become more and more challenging.


An exciting addition to the Angry Birds universe, and it beats Angry Birds Epic when it comes to entertaining.


3. Aliens Touch video slot (Net Entertainment)


It's in my job description to read online slots reviews and one of them has warmly recommended this game of chance as being a worthy addition to the Aliens universe. The game, developed by the Swedish company Net Entertainment, is not available in any app stores, but it can be tried free on the company's mobile website or several selected outlets.


The game takes us on a journey to an abandoned outpost, infested with xenomorphs. As the reels turn, the proximity detector gives out higher and higher pitched tones, until the moment when we come to face the most ferocious predator ever imagined - the Alien. Well, a facehugger first, followed by an Alien fighter, and culminating in a fight against the Queen herself.


It's hard to believe a slot machine can be so exciting. 


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