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Predictions for the next star wars

 Episode VIII The Last Jedi

The hype concerning The Next Star Wars Adventure is as entertaining as the movie itself. Fans are forever coming up with predictions of what will happen next. Some of these predictions are outlandish, some of them are bold, but most of them are never boring.

Have you heard any of them yet? If not, stay tuned for a wild ride filled with interesting, exciting, and certainly different predictions about The Next Star Wars movie due out in December of this year.

Princess Leia will die by the hand of Captain Phasma.

The tragic passing of Carrie Fisher has significantly increased the odds that Princess Leia will not survive the next films in the Star Wars series. Further, following Fisher's death, there were conflicting reports regarding her last appearance in the next movie. But the last time we checked, nobody wants to insert Leia into the film using CG or any reused footage.

So, since we are convinced that the Last Jedi was Leia's last adventure in the Star Wars Universe, there's a strong possibility that her death will be at the hands of Captain Phasma. It's highly unlikely that Kylo Ren will be responsible for the death of both his parents - the shock of the second murder couldn't possibly compare to the first. Plus, we highly doubt that they will cheapen Fisher’s memory and have her die in a random explosion or other cheap accident. Further, because of Phasma's comedic exit from the last movie, she needs to be reframed as someone more threatening. Killing Leia will accomplish that mightily.

Chewbacca dies

Chewbacca is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars franchise. Don’t believe it? Download the free software and see for yourself.

But anyways, much like the large, brutish character that follows the short mob boss around in those Looney Tunes cartoons, Chewbacca will forever be linked to Han Solo. And, now that Han is gone, you guessed it - Chewbacca is sure to bite the dust.

Now, that’s out of the way, we are going to talk about how he is going to die. We surmise that his death will occur either during or right after Han’s funeral.

Luke will incorporate elements of the dark side when he’s training Rey

Luke’s Jedi training, based on the little that we saw in Empire Strikes Back, was fairly typical. Master Yoda taught him how to use the force, work a light saber like nobody’s business, and find inner peace as a defense against the dark side.

There’s no doubt that Luke respected his Master or that he will use some of his training techniques. But, based on what we saw during the Last Jedi’s trailer, it seems as if Luke has come to expect that the Force isn’t just black and white. It’s more like shades of grey.

We say that to say this - Luke will most likely teach Rey to accept the darkness within herself instead of rejecting it outright. Now, this doesn’t mean that he’s going to show her the benefits of fighting foes with force lighting. But, if he did, wouldn’t it be a wonderful visual? Rather, we believe that he’s going to teach her to accept the rage within her soul instead of burying it.

It’s fun to come up with and discuss what the future holds for the Star War franchise. But, perhaps the best thing about them is wondering will any of these predictions come true in the end? What do you think? Do any of our predictions have any merit? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear what you have to say about it. 


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