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Major Digital Art Events

We have come a long way since canvas and paint, strings and brass, marble and bronze were the only ways people could express their views on nature and the world. The development of technology has provided us with new ways of expressing ourselves, wonderful ways - even if some fail to recognize it. 
Digital art has its place in our everyday life. And the enthusiasts of this relatively new form of self expression can meet up and discuss their views at a series of events worldwide. Here is the short list of the most significant ones happening each year in all corners of the globe.
Prix Ars Electronica
The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most important prizes in the world of electronic, interactive art and animation, digital culture and music, awarded since 1987 by Ars Electronica, an enterprise funded by the City of Linz (the city where the ceremony and the Ars Electronica festival takes place).
Ars Electronica is not just about art, though - it's about ideas, innovation, and their effect on our everyday life. Ars Electronica incorporates a Center for year-round presentation and interaction, the Festival for proving grounds and the Prix to honor excellence in this field, plus the Futurelab - an in-house research and development facility exploring the intertwined worlds of science, art, technology and research. 
The Prix Ars Electronica is rewarded each year at the Ars Electronica Festival (this year it took place between 4-8 September in Linz), offering the Golden Nica statuette for excellence in various fields of digital art.
Japan Media Arts Awards
The event that takes place each year in Japan honors achievements in four divisions of Media Geijutsu (Media Art): Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga. Besides, it provides a platform for appreciation of performance in these divisions.
The event is held each year by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs. This year, entries had to be submitted until September 2, and the winners will be announced late November. During the festival - usually held at the beginning of next year rather than at the end of the current one - awards are given in four categories: Art, Entertainment (including video games and websites), Animation and Manga, each category getting a Grand Prize, four Excellence Prizes and one Encouragement Prize. 
Last year the number of entries to the Japan Media Arts Awards exceeded 4,300, a growth of 24% compared to the previous edition. Most works - over 2,400 - were submitted to the Art division of the Awards. 
Painting on canvas or chopping marble will never be completely outdated, but people will always need something new, interactive and innovative (just like the red flush online casino) to keep them in awe and entertained. Digital art is the future of self expression.


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