Maintenant est un festival automnal dédié à la création contemporaine dans les domaines du son et de l’image, avec une attention toute particulière portée au projets pluridisciplinaires et innovants. Organisé par l’association Electroni[k], Maintenant aura lieu cette année du 10 au 15 octobre 2017. Le festival investit de nombreux lieux sur la ville de Rennes. Performances, conférences, spectacles, nuits électroniques, ateliers & workshops, expositions & installations donnent à vivre des expériences sensibles et uniques.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Arts & Technologies – Maintenant 2016

Propose an innovative project linking art and new technologies,
to live insolites and poetics experiencies!

The Electroni[k] organization launches a call for submissions for the next edition of Maintenant festival that will take place in October 2016 in Rennes.


Artistic crossing, interaction, immersive project, innovation, experimentation, AV performance, scenic device, participation, augmented reality, exhibition, tangible objects, interactive installation, design, workshop, technology…


•  Use or hijack a technology or a software
•  Open to artists, collectives, engineers…
•  The project must be professional and not necessarily a premiere.

Electroni[k] supports the project up to 5,000€. Apply for one of these two categories :
• less than 1,500€
• between 1,500€ & 5,000€

How to apply?

Fill in this form with a file including a mediafire.com link with:

  • an explaining note presenting the project (1 or 2 pages)
  • artworks (sketches, drawings, photos, videos…)
  • material needs (production budget, rider…)
  • every other features helping with the understanding of the project

All the information HERE.


Closing date: May 2016, 10th