LED _Experiments in Digital_

L:ED is a Laboratory of Experiments in Digital

Plug-and-play solutions.
Innovative experiences
Transversal expertise
Multi-disciplinary artists 
Creations for all kind of events
LED offers digital works as services: all the innovations of digital art tailored to meet your needs.
The L:ED is a Laboratory of Experiments in Digital.
We are making your digital experiences desires come true by creating your projects or by offering you plug-and-play solutions.
For all your events, whether professional (fairs, seminars, conventions...) or festive (parties, festivals, animations...), we create with you the best way to promote your brand, your product or even youreslf in the digital era. Stage design, recreational and interactive installations, immersive video mapping, audiovisual shows and performances, VJing or motion design, we use all kinds of techniques to ensure that your target remembers you.
Our expertise
From conception and installation to production, we will assist you and we will take over your project at every step
1, We conceptualize a digital experience within its environment. 
2, We create this digital work, produce contents, develop interactions
3, We implement this creation and install it where you want to.
Our vision
We are artists (video, sound, photo, music, drawing, dance, theater) who have mixed their disciplines with digital.
But we are and remain communication and digital marketing professionals (consultants, webdesigners, developers, ergonomists, project managers...). We are artists with both feet on the ground. We are focused on your needs and imperatives. As a result, your goals are always at the core of the work and creation we make for you. We instinctively know how to insert ourselves into your communication devices.
Finally, in our vision of digital art, digital artworks can not be limited to computers. Digital still has many unsuspected fields we want to explore with you.
Our work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, projections and installations in France and abroad (Europe, Canada, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, etc.) in recognized events or places with an international scope .



Here is a video demo to appreciate Exomène (www.exomene.com) performing live.
And what a better playground for industrial music than playing in a factory! 
Exomène's approach is very physical and far away from music studio.
Exomène always engages and interacts with its audience especially through the use of colorful and interactive performances controllers.
Then the crowd in itself is also a performance controller : the movements, the color of the clothes... everything is used to interact with sounds thanks to video capture.
This approach have its real significance when  Exomène's performs in A/V projects such as "X-Peri-Mental".
X-Peri-Mental is a performance realised by the collective of artists "le:d"
l:ed (l : Experiments in Digital) is a group of artists currently composed by the image slayer Dorianne Wotton and the soundsmith Exomène.
Collaborating since 2004 around the concept of "æsthetic of desolation" their work extends to the areas of photo, music, video, digital arts and multimedia performances.
Their more recent works are "The spoken worms" (audiovisual performance), "Synæsizer" (digital art installation), "Glitch-O-matic" (digital art installation) and X-Peri-Mental (audiovisual live act).
X-Peri-Mental is meant to be a live act, so l:ed always engages and interacts with its audience especially through video capture.
The crowd directly shape our performance because we choose our sounds and images according to its reaction. That is why we face the audience and we use colorful and interactive performances controllers.
Exomène: http://www.exome.com
Dorianne Wotton: http://www.dorianne-wotton.com
l:ed : http://www.l-experiments-digital.com/