WRO Gives New Media Art a Polish Overview

For its 16th edition, the WRO Media Art Biennale of Wroclaw, the major forum for new media art in Poland, has gathered a massive program which is going to explore anew all creative approaches to new technologies and crossover realms that arise where art and science, economics and social activism intersect.

Throughout the eighteen sites around the city, a selection of fine exhibitions, concerts, performances, video projections, installations and conferences has been unfold. As usual, it features international projects but as well an interesting overview on Poland’s digital artists.

For instance, the exhibition program at University Library has been presenting a bunch of pieces from French artists like Cécile Babiole and Jean-Marie Boyer’s new project Stream Of Conversation - an installation that enables two interlocutors to chat about a suggested topical thread, using a local water grid to “stream” short text messages -, and already known pieces Radiography from Cécile Beau and Nicolas Montgermont’s or Modulateur –Demodulateur from Bertrand Planes and Arnauld Colcomb. Other France-located artists such as Olga Kisseleva, Mounir Fatni, Kasper Toplitz or Belgian video composer Thierry de Mey have been invited as well.

Modulateur –Demodulateur, webcam, audio amplifier, speaker, microphone, video projector, computers, medium.

But local Polish artists have been given a fair exposure, like Szymon Kaliski and Marek Straszak with their Sonic Explorer, a sound-kinetic interactive installation, or Filip Ignatowicz that is showing his set of industrially made self-portraits on various media and video, a translation of a brand-art logical in the wake of e-Toy Corporation style. In places like Wro Art Center, a focus has even been made on more curious local artists, including futurologist of culture Michał Brzeziński, whose Body Language installation combines a software-video approach with more biological material systems. A hybrid experiment that has been appearing as well in curious Jarosław Czarnecki’s machine-boxes feeding the project The Symbiosity Of Creation.

Sonic Explorer na ART+BITS Katowice 2014 from k-myk 

The Symbiosity of Creation teaser from Elvin Flamingo / Jarek Czarnecki 


On performance level, a same international diversity has been stressed out on an open communication basis. On one side, participatory performance Yamada Taro Project imagined by Japanese artist Katsuki Nogami is going to visit the Wroclaw inhabitants directly in the streets through a team of three performers wearing iPads on their faces and photographing with these devices the people before to display them their own image - a way to give more humanity through usually anonymous network communication’s tools like iPads.

YamadaTaroProject from katsuki nogami

Premiere of Luc Ferrari’s Icebreaker

On the other side, the world premiere of Brise-Glace: En Un Tournement D’Amour - a live performance carried out with local Musica Electronica Nova Festival partner and displaying electronics, symphonic orchestra and video as an adaptation of former Luc Ferrari’s radio piece Et si tout entière maintenant - is going to highlight the Philarmonic Hall on a collaboration featuring Polish artists and Radio France producer David Jisse for digital projection.

Laurent Catala

WRO Biennale Media Art, 13-17 May, Wroclaw, Poland


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