Video art stands online at HOTEL DROUOT


For the first time in France, an auction sale exclusively dedicated to video art will be held on Wednesday 29th January at Hotel des ventes Drouot in Paris.

159 pieces from a wide selection of historical, confirmed and new generation artists, including pioneers such as Fred Forest, Name Jun Paik, Stan Brakhage or Tony Oursler, and younger contemporary creators, often open as well to digital arts, such as Samuel Rousseau, Frank Ancel, Gregory Chatonsky or Zhenchen Liu, will be offered for sale to the public.

Under construction (excerpt), zhenchen liu / 10 min / 2007 / production Le Fresnoy.

Each work, sometimes created in a very limited edition, presents itself on extremely varied shapes: videotapes, DVDs, USB keys, box sets (sometimes particularly refined as shown by mahogany handmade artworks of Frédéric Develay), but also truly mini-installations. 

Here is the case of Pierrick Sorin’s Chorégraphie d’Aujourd’hui, composed as a bewildering optical theatre including three monitors, an authentic aquarium and living coloured-fish!

Some others pieces insist this way to reveal real audiovisual sculptures, from Nam Jun Paik’s Antenne Buddha (with aerials and oil on canvas) to Tony Oursler’s Hole, human life simulation throughout a recomposed video projection over a decorated skull.

Highly original and interesting point, the bulk of these video artworks - mostly sold with signature, certificate of authenticity and in a large price range - are accessible via following link Catalogue is also accessible to all in a PDF file.


Laurent Catala



Videos online : Souvenirs from Earth TV
Public exhibitions on January 28th & 29th.
Auction on January 29 at 2pm.