UNPAINTED - Münich's very first Media Art Fair

unpainted media art fair munich 2013

A new unmissable event ?

UNPAINTED is a new art fair devoted to a special topic: media art / digital art. It will take place from Janurary 17th to 20th 2013 in Münich, Germany. UNPAINTED is focused on "art made since the first computers were switched on, means artistic practices that engage technology. Algorithmic plotter-drawings will be shown, computer animation, collages, photography, net.art, software art, interactive art, app-art, tablet-art, game art, etc."

The event will gather more than 50 international galleries and world-class art collectors in Münich's Postpalast. Rafaël Rozendaal, Wolf Lieser (DAM Gallery), Parisian XPO Gallery or VOGT Gallery are expected for this first edition, among many others. Let's point out that Annette Doms' goal is also to bring visitors to discover these types of artworks.

postpalast munich unpainted media art fair 2013
Postpalast in Münich

Other cities come easier to one's mind for media art-related events (read our recent report about Berlin). If you doubt about how relevant Münich may be for such an event, Annette Doms, Unpainted director, answers : "Admittedly, anyone thinking about Munich might think about Oktoberfest, Bavarian customs and tradition, the Allianz Arena, the Frauenkirche, and the glitteratti of the in-crowd society. In reality, Munich is more than its history, offering a perfect symbiosis between tradition and innovation." A decision that matches the evolution of another German Art Fair : Art Cologne, which will also feature video and media art fair next year. (source)

UNPAINTED Media Art Fair
Münich, January 17th to 20th 2013


cover image : Eno Henze, Tscherenkows Traum, 2009