Tate Britain’s Outdoor Digital Screening


Digital arts seem to draw day after day more attention from museum institutions. Alongside with Digital Revolution exhibition at Barbican Center, and digital art pieces’ expanding presence within collection of sacred places like The Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Tate Britain – that runs Tate Galleries in London and Liverpool for instance - has launched a very original outdoor campaign showcasing images of pieces of art on two giant screens at the entrance of London in a spectacular reflection of dynamic capability of digital out of home.

The two big screens, located on Ocean’s Two Towers West, nearby the A4 highway to Heathrow, are fed by images drawn from a large amount of paintings of Tate’s collection, automatically triggered across them according to specific events and conditions such as the time of day, the traffic flow, the weather but also the flight arrivals!

A new way of “re-engaging with Londoners, visitors and international tourists through a data driven campaign” as says Tate’s digital communications manager Jesse Ringham. Created by Liveposter, Total Media and Posterscope, this campaign came first in the Creative Techniques category of Ocean’s annual The Art of Outdoor Digital competition, in which projects are judged by a panel of industry experts for their innovative approaches, including layering, augmented reality and data streaming.

The film below was created by Liveposter for the competition and gives more info on the project, which came first in the Creative Techniques category.

Liveposter - Tate Britain from Ocean Outdoor on Vimeo.


Laurent Catala


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