Tangible Orchestra, light and sound playground

Tangible Orchestra is a light and sound interactive installation. Cylinders are arranged in the public place. Every time a person approaches it, sensors activate a different sound by cylinder, and its intensity is translated into light by LEDs. When several people go through the space, sounds fit together to create a music that composes the soundtrack of the moment.

Picaroon, a young duo of artists made up of Rebecca Gischel and Sebastian Walter, create projects in public space with the praiseworthy intention to bring people together. A first project, Leitsungszeit, projects cartoon style’s bubbles to pedestrians passing by the crosswalk. People could change the contents by waving.

Here, the main idea is about collaboration: alone we activate only one instrument but together we create a real musical and light work. Tangible Orchestra is based on a Arduino technology, coupled with 112 ultrasonic sensors that track down human presence in the cylinder’s perimeter and activate the sound and visual processes. In this video, the musical composition is created by Theresa Zaremba.

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Tangible Orchestra is nominated for the Global Awards!

We are excited to announce that Tangible Orchestra got nominated for the Global Awards "Artist of the Year"! Please vote for Picaroon! http://3dprintshow.com/global-awards/artist-of-the-year/