Signal 2016 : festival of lights in Prague

Signal festival dome

The fourth annual Signal Festival of Lights will take place in Prague from 13–16 October expanding the horizons of adults and children alike. Twenty installations including popular videomappings, artistic light objects, interactive installations will be presented as well as a day program designed for children with a spherical performance projected on the walls of the SIGNAL Dome.

The Signal festival brings modern art and new technology int he streets of Prague since now tree years. The event presents for this fourth edition, artists and artistic studios from eleven countries throughout the world. “Our goal is to draw attendees into the action as much as possible, and for this reason we’re planning a relatively large number of interactive installations and installations that integrate visual and musical aspects into a truly spellbinding atmosphere. Two thirds of them will also premiere in Prague, making our viewers the first to see and experience them,” says Festival Director Martin Pošta.

This year the capital city of Prague and the Ministry of Culture have included Signal among the ranks of the top priority cultural events taking place in Prague and the Czech Republic. Signal Festival takes now an important place on the cultural map of Prague contributing to the promotion and cultural development of  the city and country. This brings with it a great responsibility, and for this reason we deeply appreciate the support of the Capital City of Prague led by Mayor Adriana Krnáčová. Thanks to her, we are able to bring our attendees so many new installations and experiences this year,” adds Martin Pošta. 

The approaching Festival will be ushered in by some installations located in public spaces such like the Brocken Spectre by the Japanese artist Yasuhira Chido and Fantastic Planet, the humanoids created by Australian artist Amanda Parer;  five 40 feet illuminated figures in different poses that look like giant alien humanoids landed on our planet observing us. 

photo: Fantastic Planet , Fantastic Planet, Amanda Parer, Bucharest International Light Festival.

Part of the Festival program this year will include the giant SIGNAL Dome. Every evening, visitors to the Dome will find themselves immersed in spherical projections created by Czech studio The Macula and Turkish artists Can Büyükberber and Yagmur Uyanik. Thanks to the SIGNAL Dome, the Festival will also spill over into the daylight hours for the entire four days of the Festival, an animated projection in the SIGNAL Dome will present topics from Czech history and the reign of Charles IV, created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. 

Signal festival
Overwhelming spherical projection Morphogenesis in SIGNAL Dome

Inspired by this fascinating natural capacity for self-organization, the duo of Turkish artists Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyanik have created with Overwhelming a performance consisting of a constant overflowing of basic geometric shapes and patterns. These gradually form their own building system that creates a space around visitors to the SIGNAL Dome, completely immersing them. The term “morphogenesis” represents the biological process that causes organisms to take specific shapes.

One of the great personalities of SIGNAL 2016 is Zachary Lieberman. Zachary is an artist, researcher and hacker with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. He creates artwork through writing software and is a co-creator of openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding and helped co-found the School for Poetic Computation, a school examining the lyrical possibilities of code.

A project of establishing the SIGNALlab creative centre in Holešovice Hall No. 40 is in preparation as well as the second annual Transmit inspiration conference planed for March.

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