Show Off Art Fair 2013, our photos and interview of curator Dominique Moulon

show off art fair 2013 paris

For its 8th year, Show Off Art Fair took place at Espace Pierre Cardin, from October 21st to 23rd 2013. Dedicated to digital arts, the fair featured artworks of more than 50 international artists and welcomed numerous visitors. Dominique Moulon, Show Off Art Director, says more:

Your goal is to make art collectors discover digital arts. Is there an increase in the number of sold artworks this year ?

Indeed, our ambition is to make as many people as possible discover media and digital artworks, including potential art collectors of course. They may not see this type of artworks during the short events that exhibit them, like digital arts festivals. Show Off attendance is skyrocketing this year and our teams are currently hard-working on the sales.

Egg by Samuel St-Aubin, kinetic installation, 2013. Photo (c) Digitalarti

This year, you build a partnership with Perte de Signal, a Quebec organization. Is Quebec the leader in matters of selling new media artworks ?

Following a invitation to attend Elektra festival (Montreal), Aurélie Besson from Perte de Signal and I teamed up, overseas, to bring Quebec creations in Europe. We do not try to compare or find who is leading the way, we gather our strengths to make digital arts enter even more the contemporary art market.

Perte de SIgnal space dedicated to Québec. Photo (c) Digitalarti

What are the main differences between last year and this year edition ?

There are several differences, and I'd really like to thank Vanessa Quang, who ignite Show Off, and Victor de Bonnecaze who manage the fair since its very beginning, way before I became Show Off Art Director. Basically, there are much more artworks exhibited to much more visitors. However, we remain faithful to the rules we chose last year: no divider, except for a few dark spaces required by specific artworks. This way, artworks with nothing in common "converse" with each others. We want this gathering of proposals, thought as a manifesto, to make it obvious that digital arts have to be considered as a unavoidable part of the contemporary artistic creations.


Miniatures, audiovisuals Kits by Cécile Babiole, 2013. 


Tact, video interactive 
installation by Jean Dubois, 2000. 

Beyond 1m/s, Albertine Meunier, 2012. 

Lixiviat, video by Robin Dupuis, 2013. 

Egg by Samuel St-Aubin, kinetic installation, 2013.

Agit Pov Libre, kinetic installation by Alexandre Castonguay, 2013. 

Misha Margolis, The root, 2012. 

artMRK, Joanie Lemercier, 2013. 

Univers-Iles, Hugo Verlinde, 2009. 

Political Shift, Maurice Benayoun. 

Video Mount, Pia MYrvoLD, 2013. 

Breeze, interactive installation by DJEFF, 2009. 

Eurasia (2009-2013) et Line Wave (2012-2013) de Patrick Dombis
Eurasia (2009-2013) and Line Wave (2012-2013) by Patrick Dombis

MOODY Robyn, Butterflies, Species at Risk at the Edge of Reason. Installation robotique, 2011 – 2013
MOODY Robyn, Butterflies, Species at Risk at the Edge of Reason. Robotic Installation, 2011 – 2013

Portraits de Mobinautes, de Desbazeille Magali, 2013
Mobile-users portraits, by Desbazeille Magali, 2013

Portrait au noir, Ikam Catherine & Fleri Louis, realization Thomas Muller, Galerie Albert Benhamou, 2013

Cover picture : Body Voxels, The Thinker, Miguel Chevalier, 2013.
All photographs © Quentin Chevrier pour Digitalarti.