"It's You" the experience of an interactive group, by Karolina Sobecka

karolina sobecka its you

Not another Kinect project. This is an interesting artistic project involving interaction, trying new ways of making the artwork evolve thanks to the public. It does not work as a toy, or as a installation that mainly proves you that you did move your arm (just in case you did not notice your moves).

Karolina Sobecka focuses her project on how a simple person may impact on a group. The person may be ignored, avoided. The person may enter the group, be a part of it making his/her place. Or the person may become the subject the whole group is looking at, judging...

Almost all these situtations happen in Karolina's "It's You" project.



Karolina explains :

It’s You exposes the dramatic mechanisms of spectatorship, public gatherings and how they effect individual actions. The viewer is acknowledged and becomes a part of the ad-hock audience, and then the object of its scrutiny. He or she is inadvertently caught up in the social dynamic of curiosity and spectatorship, and invited to examine its nature.

The projected characters eventually transfer the attention from themselves to the viewer, spotlighting him and moving the staging area from under their feet to the sidewalk, upending the subjective roles of spectators, performers and participants. The audience's attention invites the viewer to fill in the situation with the specifics of their individual circumstance, prompts introspective inquisitiveness. One's anonymity in public space is called into question. The installation uses surveillance technology, and provokes the same privacy questions that its wide spread use does. Are we being singled out by the system? Perhaps we have unwittingly prompted suspicions by the way we walk or dress? The intelligence of these systems is often opaque and prompts suspicion, distrust and self-survaillance. The installation also relates different viewers to one another.

The installation, while being a literal display, simultaneously takes part in the pedestrian's reality, the characters responding to the social space they help to create. At the same time it remains a metaphor that relies on the suspension of disbelief, and leads the viewers to examine their relationship to their social and physical environment.

karolina sobecka its you

karolina sobecka its you

Bonus : if the visitor starts to try to entertain the audience of It's You, they applause in a rather condescending way.

Karolina Sobecka has been working on interaction with her very own aesthetics for a while. She has exhibited her artworks in several world-class art centers (Victoria & Albert Museum, MOMA, Beall Center for Art + Technology, ISEA and Medialab Prado...) and got several awards.

Here is a short selection of a few other of her projects.