International Digital Art Festival Patchlab in Krakow

patch lab festival digital art

The International Digital Art Festival Patchlab takes place between 11 - 16 October  2016 in Krakow, Poland. This event is dedicated to interdisciplinary digital art and created on the boarders of humanities, new technologies and creative programming.

This 5th edition of the festival focuses on the relation between human and machine, especially the relation existing within the new virtual reality, and on the issue of privacy and online  safety. More than 30 invited artists will present their works. 

Patchlab is an exhibition at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki presenting selected interactive installations and VR works, interdisciplinary dance spectacle, audiovisual performances and live acts, also screenings of selected works awarded during MADATAC Festival in Madrid. 

In the exhibition we will be invited to find out whether an art installation can access data on our smartphone. The Listener is a data aesthetics interactive installation using discrete, personal data created and broadcasted by our portable devices e.g. smartphones. Through wireless network the installation detects data from the visitors devices and formulates them on the way of sonification as whispers.

Auriea Harvey and Michaël a.k.a Tale of Tales from Belgium known for their controversial and innovative projects breaking the boundaries of video games, will present their new project. Their Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is an art project using virtual reality technology against the Christian concept of the sacred symbolised by medieval cathedrals. The project consists of two main parts: digital dioramas for multiple platforms and virtual cathedral in virtual reality. It connects the spiritual notions of an intangible world, with romantic fantasies about cyberspace, rendered visible in 3D, where space and time meet on the processing units of the computer.

Paris based 1024 architecture will open the festial with Recession, an audio-visual performance, third part of the trilogy Euphorie-Crise-Recession; an spectacular journey through whats left of our civilisation. The show echoes the scarcity of natural resources, diminishing of species, and the ever expanding influence of built matter. Fernando Favier and Francois Wunschel, the two performers, activate the digital vista in realtime, like busted puppeteers, waiting for something to go wrong.

RECESSION Teaser from 1024 

One of the main event of the festival is interdisciplinary show Hakanaï, by Adrien M & Claire B. The duo of artists, recognized for its technical prowess and their dreamlike environments, already showed a confused boundary between the real and the virtual. Refusing to be a simple decorum, monochrome images projected are associated with the movement of one or more dancers, and give birth to a live digital object.

Hakanaï - Adrien M / Claire B, © photo Romain Etienne - Item Théâtre des Célestins, nov 2013

The festival is accompanied by two AV Nights in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology and in the Hotel Forum with several projects such like an immersive audiovisual performance, Let’s Play by Thomas Wagensomerrer orthe famous duo from Hamburg /incite known from their original, electronic music with dynamic, always monochromatic visual layer synchronized with sounds. Are also included in the line up:  the experimental electronic music of elemaun from Tehera, 4youreye, Luca Cataldo, Sylwia, DJ and producer, Fiedel, a music producer connected with Ostgut Ton label, resident of Berghain in Berlin, Eltron John, one of the most characteristic figures on the Polish dance music scene.

Regular parts of the festival are workshops  exploring this year legal use of open source licences and online  safety and privacy. An international conference is held co-organized with the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. It will raise issues of space design and creation of virtual reality (VR) and future of use of electronic and physical space combination for creative actions. 

The conference GENERATOR, for the second time will become forum of exchanging ideas between researchers, artists and designers,regarding the contemporary phenomena occurring at the junction of art, technology and design. Our attention will be focused on the issue of designing space and creation in virtual reality (VR) and coexistence of electronic and physical space as well as the future use of the combination in creative processes. 

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