Festival Elektra 2017: The Big Data Spectacle

Festival Elektra 2017

After the first issues raised last year by the Montreal festival on the role and impact of machines on contemporary artistic production, ELEKTRA continues a debate opened with AUTOMATA trilogy with this year the theme THE BIG DATA SHOW.

The 2017 edition of ELEKTRA will be held on june 28th and 29th on the promises of new advances in artificial intelligence and more specifically on machine learning (automatic learning), data drilling (Data mining) and the use of hybrid human-machine devices, especially in art.

At the opening of the festival on June 28th and 29th, following the resounding success of the 2016 edition, ELEKTRA will present again the participative robotic performance INFERNO by artists Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn. Our voluntary journalist Maxence Grugier had put on the 20kg of exoskeleton to tell us from the inside show, his infernal mechanical trance. Read: INFERNO: I was a robot at the Elektra Festival. The festival will open on June 27th at 7 pm at the Société des arts technologiques - SAT with an artwork projected in the Satosphère, TIM, an immersive art video by Nicolas Noël Jodoin, Joël-Aimé Beauchamp and Marussia Lamy.

As a second piece of resistance, ELEKTRA will present, in co-production with the Cinémathèque québécoise, the panoramic video installation nverso Mundus of the Russian collective AES + F. Presented at the Venice Biennale in 2015, the work has marked the minds with this absurd interpretation of the medieval Carnival inserted in the contemporary world.


PROGRAM 28th – 29th JUNE at l’Usine C  (from 21h to 01h)

INFERNO by Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn (QC-CA)

Inferno elektra festival
INFERNO, Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn /  photo: Maxence Grugier/Digitalarti Media

See FB event "We are the robots"

A Truly Magical Moment - by Adam Basanta (QC-CA)

Adam Basanta, A Truly Magical Moment, 2016 

With this work Adam Basanta "enjoys distorting or abusing codes in a way that creates a crack in our understanding of technology and its place in our lives." Adam Basanta explores some astonishing aspects of the media landscape that we encounter every day. This interactive work denounces in a humorous way the hyper-connectivity of the 21st century and the resulting disconnection.

Enigma - Purform, Yan Breuleux & Alain Thibault (QC-CA)

Enigm(a) 2017 Teaser

The Purform duo, Yan Breuleux and Alain Thibault, will introduce Enigma, an audiovisual installation based on a transposition encryption notions and encryption in the form of a poetic exploration of Alan Turing thought. This project aims at the staging of a multiplicity of forms of coding of visual and sound information. Enigma explores the issues of artificial intelligence, deep learning, digital identity and systemic modeling.


The Indivisible (Prototype N.1) - Norimichi Hirakawa (JP)

Norimichi Hirakawa - The Indivisible (Prototype No. 1) (2015)

The observer is immersed in a digital process that results in the constant and rapid flow of pixels and sound interferences. Thus, Hirakawa builds a tangible demonstration, despite overwhelming, of algorithmic data and processes.

Light Wave - Jaehyuck Bae et Junbong Song (KR)

Light Wave, Jaehyuck Bae et Junbong Song (KR)

The South Koreans Jaehyuck Bae and Junbong Song present Light Wave, a luminous-kinetic installation producing optical illusions through a matrix composed of multiple LEDs in motion. The spectator can experiment more with different spatial perceptions generated by this motorized luminous engineer.


Chair Walker 2.0. - YoungKak Cho (KR)

YoungKak Cho transforms everyday objects like chairs by applying robotic mechanisms to eliminate their primary function. When the sensors of the robot intercept an obstacle or a subject, the chairs move away from it, avoiding the human-machine interaction. The work proposes a questioning about behavior, social interactions and intimacy.

11th International Marketplace for Digital Art (IMDA)

Alongside the ELEKTRA festival, the 11th edition of the International Marketplace for Digital Art takes place in the afternoons of June 28 to 29, once again at the Cinémathèque québécoise. The Market is a networking activity and ameeting of professionals of the digital arts that brings together artists, curators, managers and journalists from home and abroad. 

In ten years, IMDA has become the most important platform for the diffusion of digital artists abroad. A unique opportunity for exchanges and meetings, helping to create a true synergy in the digital art world. MIAN is built around two main lines of presentations: artists, collectives or organizations present to international speakers the works they wish to broadcast abroad and international broadcasters (producers, broadcasters, curators, gallery owners, journalists) An overview of their activities and programming priorities.


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Digitalarti Media is pleased to be among the partners of the Elektra 2017 Festival

ELEKTRA 2017 - Teaser from Elektra 

Elektra Festival
June 28th & 29th  2017

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